Review: Stealth B-52 Bomber Electric Bike

Are you looking for a powerful bike? If yes, then the Stealth B-52 bomber electric bike is for you. It is considered as one of the most powerful, fastest electric bike. It runs on 6,200 watts of power and it could go up to a speed of 50 mph. With this bike, for sure its either you will experience a lot of fun or a sheer of terror.

The Stealth B-52 is known for being a high powered type of electric bike. In fact, it is classified between an electric motorcycle and electric bicycle. It is something that you could say having the best both worlds. As mentioned earlier, this bike is very fast which has a speed ability of 50 mph. Another great feature of this bike is that it comes with huge battery and impressive braking system. It has a great full suspension setup which could handle difficult trails. You could also have the option of upgrading this bike.


As mentioned also earlier, this bike runs on power of 3000 nominal watts or 6200 peak watts. It has a huge rear geared hub motor which could provide up to 3000 watts of power and if you want you could boost it up to 6200 watts of power for a period of time. This actually would sometimes result to having a throttle and sometimes you would experience some vibration and shocks.


Speed, as mentioned earlier, the speed of this bike to go as fast as 50 mph which could also be reached through throttling. This aspect makes this electric bike belong to class 4. Keep in mind that there are some areas or places that are illegal to ride. This includes most public road ways.

This bike comes with Eco mode which would allow your speed to run at 20 mph and max output up to 1000 watts which makes this bike go back to being legal to ride in some areas. Hence, we suggest that you become more familiar with the law of where you plan to ride your bike.

Battery and Range – 72 volt 2000 watt hours, 60 miles

This electric bike runs on 72 volt system which could provide you 2000 watt hour battery. This is actually 4 times larger than the usual average electric bike. This would bring you up to 60 miles but of course this would bring your speed to a slower pace even on flat and paved roads. Though that is the case, keep in mind that there are a lot other different factors which could influence a lot of things as well.

The battery of this bike could be found in huge void within frame. It is sealed which makes it waterproof. You will be able to get to access to the battery by taking off the side panels.

Pedal Assist Sensor

Unfortunately, B-52 bomber electric bike does not come with pedal assist which would be convenient however, if your bike is as powerful as the B-52, it would be then be dangerous as the motor is very powerful and the pedal assist sensors would not be able to catch up to be precise enough which could lead to an accident especially when you are not ready for it. Compared to using throttle for speed, you would not be able to control much your bike with the use of pedal assist.

Display LCD

This bike comes with an LCD display. It could easily be seen even with direct sunlight which makes it very impressive. It comes with basic information such as speed, tripometer, battery level, efficiency, motor temperature, control temperature, current voltage, spent watt hours and man more.

Frame and Weight

The B-52 Bomber electric bike comes with different color scheme options. The frame is made of aircraft grade Chromolly alloy which makes it very durable. Moreover, it helps cut down on the weight. This electric bike weighs about 112 pounds which makes it look and feel like it is between an electric bike and an electric dirt bike.

Suspension – Air spring full suspension

This bike uses DNM USB-8 air spring forks with 200 mm travel and full adjustability. You also have the option to upgrade it to DVO Emerald forks which are made of carbon composite. It also comes with a DNM rear air spring suspension with 250 mm of travel.

Gearing – 9 speed, Vboxx

This bike uses 9-speed sequential Vboxx transmission. Through it, it could help you keep the center of gravity. It also makes switching gears easily and naturally.

Brakes – Magura, Hydraulic Disc

Brakes is another important safety factor and this bike uses Magura Hydraulic disc brakes with 203 mm rotors. It provides you impressive stopping power. It has quad piston, dual caliper brakes with tool free bite-point adjust. However, keep in mind that this B-52 Bomber does not have motor inhibitors just like most electric bikes which makes it easier for the riders control the bike.

Warranty – Limited Lifetime

This bike comes with limited lifetime warranty. It covers factory defects but this would only apply to the original purchaser which means it is non-transferable.

Price – Starting at $10,400

The starting price of this bike is $10,400 which we understand is quite a bit pricey. However, with all the features and its specifications, this bike, we could say is worth it.

Who is it for?

This bike is for those who are seeking thrill and adventure. It is also someone who has the budget and has the ability to afford it as well. With its powerful motor and speed, this bike would definitely give you one of the best experiences.

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