The Oukitel K4000 makes your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6s obsolete

Samsung and Apple are two brand name rivals in the smartphone world, with both companies bringing out the best (and sometimes, the worst) in their fans. At the same time, however, it’s not always the case that brand name smartphones are the best smartphones. Sometimes, though hardcore fanboys of both groups hate to say it, there are other smartphones out there (other than the Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note5, or iPhone 6s) that can often contribute something new to the space. And, sometimes, these smartphones that come from relatively unknown companies can make Samsung and Apple smartphones seem cheap by default. Yes, I cringe when I say that as someone who loves Samsung’s Galaxy collection, but it’s true. Glass displays like the current Gorilla Glass 4 displays by Corning, are tough, but they can get tougher. There is always room to grow.

A Chinese manufacturer by the name of Oukitel has been proving this true with its latest two challenges against other smartphones. Oukitel’s first challenge was to prove that it’s 4000mAh battery (for which the K4000 is named) can outlast the batteries of both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 had a 1,810mAh battery in it, and the iPhone 6 Plus had a 2,915mAh battery. Together, these two iPhones combined for a total battery size of 4,725mAh versus the 4,000mAh battery of the Oukitel K4000.

The company decided to test out these two batteries by implementing them in the most power-consuming activity on smartphones today: video playback. In the challenge, the iPhone 6 only lasted for about 3.5 hours of video playback; the iPhone 6 Plus lasted for 4 hours, 49 minutes. In contrast, the Oukitel K4000 lasted 9 hours, 7 minutes, putting both iPhones combined to shame. Apple charges excessive amounts of money for low-end smartphones, dubbing them flagships with a high price, but the Oukitel K4000 puts them to shame for a fraction of the cost. What cost is it? I’ll cover that at the end of this editorial, so keep reading.

The new challenge for the Oukitel K4000 has been to use the phone to hammer nails into a block of wood. In the latest video, revealed in the source below, the Oukitel K4000 hammers the nails into wood like a champion. The tester in the video actually tires out behind hammering the nails (but the K4000 does not). I was looking at the video yesterday, in amazement that a phone could ever prove to be that shatter-resistant, that durable. Looking over at my Galaxy S6 Active and my Galaxy Note 3, I realized that name-brand smartphones have a long way to travel if they’re ever going to prove to be shatter-resistant. And, honestly, it’s a shame for flagships that cost so much to be so fragile. What are companies doing with our money?

Of course, the Oukitel K4000 is not a name brand like Samsung’s “Galaxy” or Apple’s “iPhone” are, so Oukitel wouldn’t gain recognition for offering basic things that the name brands are so recognized for. With that said, however, the Oukitel K4000 makes the Galaxy S6 Active, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note5, and even the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus obsolete and “yesterday’s news.” What’s the price for this shatter-resistant, well-designed smartphone? The Oukitel U8 (not the K4000) is just $99 for the 32GB model, and $149 for the 64GB model at Amazon. If that price has your jaw dropped, we don’t blame you. We don’t know if the Oukitel K4000 will be that affordable, but it makes me wish I could order this phone right now.

Visit the source link to see the Oukitel K4000 in action.


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