Guide to the Best Thin & Flat Extension Cords

Running a household is not an easy task. You must ensure everything is in place, everything works and all is safe. In fact, homes come with a lot of electrical powered devices such as kitchen appliances, TVs, game consoles, computers, tablets, phones and many more.

Equipment and appliances seem to be endless and the problem is houses tend to have limited power outlets which means, there are limited equipment and appliances which you could use at a certain period of time. Moreover, another challenge is the location of your outlets, it could be found behind your couch, under a table or around the corner. You are not alone with this frustrating and annoying situation. The good news is, there is a solution to all of these challenges and that is in the form of a great extension cord.

Extension cords like any other technology have also its perks and at the same time, unfortunately, also sets of issues. For example, you have to have one that is long enough, has sufficient amperage and must be fire-safe. Furthermore, you must choose one that comes with a practical design and it could fit any space between furniture. This is the reason as to why a flat, low-profile extension cord is very convenient.

In this article, we shall provide a review on three best flat extension cords. We would provide useful information which you could definitely use as a guide in choosing the best one that would best suit your needs and preferences.

Flat Extension Cord Buying Guide

Before we go into the best three flat extension cords, we shall provide a guide on how to choose the best flat extension cord that would best suit your needs. Here are some factors you should consider.

Buy a Longer Cord the You Need

When selecting an extension cord, we tend to underestimate the length of the extension cord. We suggest that you buy a longer one than what you need. Remember the measurement of an extension cord is based on a straight line. Consider the curves and shape of your house and furniture.

You must also consider the safety of your home. You would not want a short cord which could be stretch beyond its length. Furthermore, you would also want to ensure the cord would not get in the way which could trip anyone.

Think About Your Amperage

Another thing you must consider when choosing an extension cord is the if your cord could supply enough electricity. Since flat cords are thinner cords, they could deliver lesser power. Usually, a normal household outlet has 15 amps of power. This could allow you up to 20 amps only if you have a 20 amp breaker and heavy gauge wiring which is why you would have to consider if your extension cord has the ability to be able to support and supply the needed power.

Avoid Permanent Usage

We highly recommend that when you use extension cord, use it temporarily and not for longer periods of time. The reason behind this is for safety and for you to lessen the risk of fire. In fact, it is not that practical to use on extension cord for a longer period of time as it could rub against your furniture and walls which could eventually wear its insulation which could then lead to exposed wires. Furthermore, you could end up with taut cords which could easily be pulled out of the outlet. If this happens, it could damage your electronics.

If you have thin cords, keep in mind that you will have lesser insulation. The reason behind this is because they are flatter instead of being rounder and flatter cords have higher risk of wear and tear. This means, if you are considering using a cord on a permanent basis, it is important for you to route it properly. Ensure that no one would walk on it or trip over it. The lesser it is disturbed the lesser the wear and tear would be.

Best Thin & Flat Extension Cords

Sleek Socket

If you are looking for the flattest possible cord, we highly recommend the Sleek Socket. The head of this cord is flat which is similar to a switch plate. Its three prongs are exposed from the back and is pressed into the outlet. When you incorporate it to the outlet, its total thickness is as fatter than the outlet itself. In fact, if you would compare it to most baseboards, it is flatter. This means, you could plug it behind any furniture.

As for the downside, this one could cover both top and bottom halves of duplex outlet. Though this is the case, most households do not have a major concern about it.

The other end of the cord, you would find a fob which comes with three prong outlets which would allow you to plug your devices such as your PCs and laptops. This extension cord is usually eight feet long which is suitable for most applications. If you wish for shorter cord, do not worry as there are shorter versions of three and six foot long.

With this cord, you could get up to a maximum of 13 amps, 125 maximum volts and 1625 maximum watts.

Maximm Cable 360 degree Rotating Flat Plug Extension Cord

This cable comes with a flat three-prong end which rotates. This means, you could run the cord from the outlet in any direction you prefer. You could also rotate the tip on which the way the cord would or should run.

The tip is 0.6-inch thick which means it would fit any furniture or fixture. In fact, it is thinner than 3/4-inch baseboard. As for its aesthetics, this cord comes in color white which provides a smoother finish. It is flat and they are available in 1,3,6,10 and 15 foot length.

The end of the cord, you would find a plastic block which comes with three three-prong outlets. The two of the outlets are on one side of the block and the other one located on the other which means you would be able to plug multiple devices. Lastly, this cord provides 13 amps, 125 volts and 1625 watts.

Koumeican World’s Thinnest Extension Cord

This extension cord is considered as the thinnest extension cord. It is flat, durable and reliable. It is designed to be driven over or walked on. This means, you would not need to worry about its wear and tear for quite some time. Its cord is in color black and it is rubbery. Its male end has a standard North American two-prong plug and yet it also comes with a pair of EU converters. The female end, on the other hand, is North American standard but keep in mind that it is not polarized. This cords could handle up to at least 13 amps.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information on flat extension cords.

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