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Tips for choosing a 3D pen


Recently we addressed the question of “what 3D pen is and what it is good for”. Many people find the idea behind 3D pens appealing. Haven’t you yourself ever dreamt of being able to draw in 3D? Well, now you can!

My task in this article will be to help you choose the best 3D pen to fit your needs. Sensing the trend, manufacturers have readily jumped on the new demand for 3D pens and virtually flooded the market with various types and models to meet different demands and requirements. Although choosing a 3D pen should not be an overwhelming task, some consideration should be made if you want to get the 3D pen that works best for you. Here are a few considerations and things to keep in mind that will help you choose the 3D pen that suits you best:

  1. A typical 3D pen has no need for any software or computer assistance. Basically, they are stylish pens that are attached to a power source and extrude thin threads of plastic which cools down very fast, thus allowing for drawing in 3D. Nevertheless, there are quite a few minor attributes and features that make the difference between the best 3D pens and the rest. Look for the extra features such as varied thickness sprays and back suction. Some of 3D pens even double up as all sorts of devices. For example, creators of 3DSimo Mini went as far as supplying their pen with extensions for burning patterns on stuff (wood, leather,…), soldering (yes, you can solder electronics with it), and even foam cutting.224933
  2. Although generally it is not a problem with 3D pens, sometimes it is worth keeping in mind that various 3D pens can print with different materials, which has a considerable effect on your drawing experience as well as on the properties of your creations. Another important consideration here is the price and availability of various types of filament, for they differ in price and some of them are more easily obtained than others.
  3. Customer reviews. Reviews are of crucial importance when choosing any kind of product nowadays, since they hold information from people who, unlike manufacturers, are not financially interested in selling you this or that product. However, sorting out the truth based on reviews is not always easy since they are all left by different people with different standards and expectations, and some of those reviews might actually be left by the manufacturer in order to promote the product. That’s why it is important to read through at least a few reviews and to compare reviews on different sites. It is also a good idea to contact owners and users of this or that 3D pen directly, asking them for insights about their experiences.
  4. Brand and manufacturer. If you surf the web for a 3D pen, within minutes you’ll find quite a lot of manufacturers, each claiming to have designed the best 3D printing pen. In choosing a pen it is important to check the manufacturer and the brand before purchase. This will help you understand the background, the general level and quality.


Soon we’ll follow up with a couple of reviews of the most popular and advanced 3D pens on the market.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, let me know in the comments section.

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