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How to Use Odin for Mac OSX – Download and Install JOdin3

ROM, flash recoveries, OTA updates, or modem files, these could all be done with the use of a software that could perform all these tasks in one place. This software is called Odin. Through this article, we will feature a guide that could be used by anyone who wishes to use Odin on Mac OS.

Back in the days, Odin was only available for Windows. Fortunately, with the contribution made by a talent from XDA Adam Outler, Odin was developed further to cater MAC OS as well. Hence and with that said, JOdin 3 was launched.

What is Odin?

Odin is a tool that is a versatile freeware that works as a flashing tool used by many Samsung users. This could be used on high-end Galaxy Note 8 down to its entry-level devices like J7 or ON7 Odin. Moreover, if you wish to flash firmware, unroot and unlock bootloaders on your Samsung devices, Odin is the best go to software.

Odin or JOdin 3 is not officially Samsung’s flashing tool but it is very reliable, efficient and effective with its job. Moreover, even if this tool is not accredited or recognized by Samsung, you will not have to worry about voiding your gadget’s warranty.

Features of Odin:

  1. Through Odin, you can flash a custom kernel
  2. Flash stock ROM
  3. Supports and is compatible with .tar or .tar.md5 files
  4. Flash a ROOT package
  5. Flash custom recovery (TWRP recovery)
  6. Offline and web browser-based Online

Requirements for Downloading and Installing JOdin 3:

  1. Install Java on your Mac oSX
  2. Install Hemidall
  3. Deactivate, uninstall and get rid of Samsung Kies on your Mac.

Download and Install JOdin3 on your Mac OS

  1. Download JOdin 3
  2. XDA Mirror
  3. JOdin3 Online

Using Odin/ JOdin3 on your Mac

To use JOdin3 on your MacBook, here are the steps that you will need to follow:

1. Install JOdin3 on your Mac.

2. Once you have installed JOdin3, choose and get the .tar files that you would wish to flash.

3. Connect your Samsung gadget or device to your MacBook.

4. Enable USB debugging option:

  • Go to Settings>Developer Options
  • Click enable USB debugging option

5. Open JOdin3 or you could access JOdin3 online via web browser.

6. Once you see a green background, this means you are ready to proceed using the software or tool.

7. Click PDA option

8. Once a window opens, navigate to your file that you would like to flash.

9. Boot your Samsung Galaxy or any Samsung gadget to “Download Mode”.

To Boot Download Mode:

  • Hold power Key and Volume Down and Home button all at the same time.
  • Check Auto-Reboot option only.
  • Uncheck all other options.

10. Click the Start button

11. Once done, it will ask you for a PIT file. Then a message will pop-up, click Yes.

12. Another message will appear, click the OK button.

13. Hold the Download mode button combo again as mentioned in number 9. Once your device is on Download Mode, this will now trigger JOdin3 to get the PIT file.

14. Once it gets the PIT file, JOdin will pop up another message notification stating that it has found the PIT file. Click Ok button.

15. Click on the start button and JOdin will start doing its job.

16. Once it has finished, another message will appear. If it is successful, you will get a PASS notification and if you get a failed message notification, we suggest to check back the process as you might have missed a step or two.


If you receive a message or notification such as “The latest Heimdall Version 1.x cannot be installed on your MacOS version (1-.xx.x)” , we suggest and recommend to try and check the latest version on Bitbucket heimdall download page,

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