Best Water Drinking Reminder Apps Android

Drinking water is essential for health and fitness. Staying hydrated all day will help you to avoid many issues that could lead to sickness. While there are areas where water is scarce or difficult to get access to, in some cases, people don’t drink water simply because they ignore how important it is for health or because they forget to do it. There may be times when instead of reaching out for a glass of water when we are thirsty, we opt for sugary drinks, which can’t offer the same benefits and in fact, can cause damage to our bodies. One of the easiest things that you can do to stay healthy is to drink water regularly.

If you often forget to drink water or just drink artificial drinks filled with sugar, you may want to start changing your habits. You may have heard that we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, but the amount depends on your needs and lifestyle. What is really important is that you drink the amount of water that you need and that you do so throughout the day. Even if you have a busy schedule, there is a way to keep track of how much water you drink and to make sure that you stay hydrated. With the help of a good water drinking app, you can keep an eye on your water intake. Here are the best water drinking apps for Android.

Hydro Coach Reminder

Codium App Ideas brings us a great app for people who have a busy schedule and who may forget to drink water. The app gives you the option to log into your Google account, but you can go straight to the main interface if preferred. Once you access the user interface of the app, a daily target will appear, showing how many units of water you need to drink. The amount of water that you need to drink is calculated automatically based on your age, height, weight and other details. You can also select your workout routine and then you need to enter the waking/sleeping time and the capacity of the glass that you are using to drink water.

The app keeps track of your water drinking activities and creates a report so you can keep track of your intake. The app gives you personal drink notifications and it helps you to keep track of the water balance in a simple way and on a daily basis. You can see graphics to understand better your water drinking habits and it is also possible to custom the drink volumes. The app also lets you share the information with your friends and sync the data with your Google account.

Water Drink Reminder

With a high rating in the Google Play Store, this app is a very convenient solution for people who want to increase their water intake but who are always forgetting to drink a glass at least. Water Drink Reminder is a lightweight app will help you to keep track of how much water you drink and will also remind you to drink it. To get started with the app, you need to enter your weight, as well as the time you wake up and the time you go to sleep.

With this information, the app launches a new interface that features a progress bar that displays the amount of water that you need to drink. Whenever you drink water, you just need to tap on the plus icon to update the progress bar with the amount you drank. The app also keeps a log of activities and it shows you daily, monthly and yearly statistics. There is also a feature that helps you to keep track of your weight. Water Drink Reminder offers many customization apps and it has a backup and restore option.

Water Time Pro

Water Time Pro is loved by thousands of users due to the excellent design of its interface and the motivation that it offers for drinking more water. Apart from having top rates in Google Play, the app features an appealing interface that encourages users to drink more water using beautiful fonts and amusing graphics. This app by Mobile Creatures can calculate how much water you have to drink in a day. You just need to enter information such as your weight in the settings panel.

You can establish the amount of water that you want to drink at a specific time. It is also possible to set reminders so that you don’t forget to drink water regularly. By entering the start and finish time for the notifications, you can stop the alert sounds. The app also keeps track of your water drinking activities. You can easily customize the settings according to your preferences and start enjoying the benefits of drinking water on a regular basis. It is easy to use and it will help you to stay hydrated.

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