Möglichkeiten zur Bildschirmspiegelung von Android auf PC oder Laptop

Technology has helped us in many ways especially in making our daily lives more comfortable. Not only that, it also has and continuously is providing us amazing entertainment. One example of this is the possibility of being able to screen mirror you Android device to your PC for you to be able to view or watch your favorite movies, access your apps, play your favorite games on a larger screen without having to have a TV. In fact, many developers and even professors have attested that screen recording of mobile and sharing it to their team and students have been very beneficial and useful. There are numerous ways to be able to be able to screen record and one way is through using app like OBS studio and Camtasia app.

There are a lot of people who would want to watch online videos in platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. Some would also love and would want to play games on their laptop screen using their mobile. There are also some situations where you are presenting something in a meeting, it would definitely be a great idea to be able to directly cast your mobile screen on your laptop. Another great benefit of this technology is that it could also be used as a great tool for teachers when teaching their students.

In this article, instead of providing you a guide on how to screen mirror your Android device to a TV, we shall help you screen mirror your Android device to your PC instead.

What is Screen Mirroring Android and Casting

Through screen mirroring, you will be able to replicate your mobile’s or laptop’s screen. One way to do this is through the Miracast technology which most devices’ displays like Smart TVs and laptops support. Aside from Miracast, there are also other wireless display technology which you could try like Chromecast and Apple Airplay.

Casting on the other hand is much more different compared to mirroring. Casting enables you to display directly the content or app being played on your casting or streaming device like Android TV. This means, your mobile would be your tool to search the content you would like to play.

How to Screen Mirror Android to PC

Screen Mirror Android to PC using Window 10 Projecting to PC Feature

For you to be able to make this method work, your laptop or PC should be running on the latest Windows 10 version. You would also need to convert your laptop to a wireless display through Connect app on your Windows 10.

To mirror Android screen on your PC wirelessly, you will have to follow the steps provided below.

  • Search for the Connect app on the taskbar Cortana search console
  • Open Connect app and you are good to go.

You could also search on your Computer’s settings

  • Go to system settings
  • Click Launch the Connect App to project to this PC
  • Use mobile cast feature search for laptop name showing on the screen
  • Connect to cast Android mobile screen
  • When the PIN is displayed, take not of the PIN and enter the same PIN when prompted to connect your mobile to your laptop or PC.

If the option is greyed out and does not allow you to use it, then, all you have to do is follow the steps provided below.

  • Go to settings
  • Search for apps and features
  • Click optional feature
  • Click button to add feature
  • Select wireless display and install

Once you have installed your wireless display option will prompt you. Also keep in mind there is a possibility that your laptop does not support this feature which could be why this option is greyed out. There is also a possibility that your WiFi card is not supported to Miracast feature.

Depending on your mobile’s manufacturer, the cast button could differ from one to another. It could probably be found in the settings or quick access setting icons on the notification bar. Once you have tapped the icon, you will be able to see your laptop’s name in the list of supported casting devices. Tap on your laptop’s name and start screen mirroring. Type in the PIN shown on your connect app screen and tap over Start now.

Remote Control Apps

As mentioned earlier, you could use remote control apps like Team Viewer and Anydesk to screen mirror your Android device to your PC or laptop. Keep in mind, in this method, you will need data or working internet connection.

Using Team Viewer

  • Install team viewer app on your Laptop and on your Android mobile
  • Install both Team viewer remote control and Quick Support app
  • Connect your laptop to your Android mobile by typing the ID of your Android mobile as shown on your Team Viewer app on your Android

Using Anydesk App

The method of using Anydesk app is similar and the same to using Team Viewer app.

Using Supported Apps

There are some screen mirroring apps for PC which you could use like Android, ApowerMirror, Mobizen, Reflector, Letsview and many more

To Enable USB Debugging in Android Mobile:

  • On your phone settings, tap About Phone
  • Tap seven times on build number or press until you see you are developer now. This will enable your developer options
  • On the developer options, toggle USB debugging
  • Connect mobile with laptop using USB cable
  • On the USB settings, use transfer file mode
  • Allow USB debugging
  • Check the box always allow from this computer

Using Airdroid App

By using Airdroid App, you will be able to do the following:

  • Access files of Android mobile
  • Access messages, call history and contacts
  • Remote control of mobile using laptop
  • Remotely access phone camera over laptop
  • Use computer keyboard to type over phone

To be able to screen mirror your android to your pc using Airdroid, you will have to do the following:

  • Install Airdroid on your laptop and on your Mobile phone
  • Login with the same account on your mobile app and desktop app
  • Select your device in desktop platform
  • Use screen mirror and remote control

ApowerMirror App

When you use ApowerMirror app to mirror your Android screen over your laptop, you will have to install ApowerMirror on your Windows PC and on your mobile.

On you Desktop app, you will have to select USB interface and connect your mobile using USB cable. Then, choose file transfer mode.

  • Enable USB debugging as mentioned above
  • Check the box when prompted to enable debugging.
  • Tap Start now on the mobile to start screen mirroring

Using WiFi method

  • Connect both devices on the same WiFi access point
  • On your mobile, tap big M button
  • Select WiFi option
  • Select your laptop name on the list
  • Tap mirror phone to PC
  • Select start now to start mirroring

Mobizen app

  • Download and install mobizen app on your PC and mobile
  • Turn on USB debugging
  • Sign into your account on your Android device
  • Launch Mobizen app on your laptop
  • Connect USB cable and start screen mirroring

Using Google Chrome Browser

  • Install Allcast receiver and Vysor app for PC through Google Chrome browser for screen mirroring.

How to Connect Mobile Using Vysor App

  • Install Vysor app on your Chrome App Store
  • Open Chrome apps
  • Type chrome://apps/ on the address bar
  • Click Vysor to open Vysor chrome app
  • Install Vysor app
  • Connect mobile to USB cable
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Select the name of your mobile on the Vysor app

How to connect Mobile to PC using AllCast Receiver Chrome App

  • Install All cast app on Chrome browser using Chrome app store
  • Install all cast on your mobile
  • Open all cast app on your Chrome browser
  • On your mobile app, select player chrome @ IP address of laptop
  • Select store media files like audio, video, picture to cast on chrome browser or chrome cast connected TV.

How to Cast Andorid to PC Using Letsview App

  • Install Letsview on your PC and Mobile
  • Connect both of your mobile and PC on the same WiFi network
  • Open Letsview app on your PC
  • On your mobile app, select PC
  • Start mirroring

Cast Using reflector app

This app is a paid app.

  • Install reflector 3 app on your desktop or laptop
  • Launch the app on your laptop

Using Windows Phone Companion App

Through the phone companion app on your Windows 10, you will be able to connect your Android mobile with your laptop. you will also be able to get notification on mobile, accept calls over laptop and access photos on laptop.

You could also extend support of your phone app to use screen mirror feature. Keep in mind that this feature could be limited with some Samsung phones.


We hope that through this article, we are able to provide you useful information which you could use as a guide on how to screen mirror Android to PC or laptop.

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