Was ist ein Palm Rejection-Stift?

Have you ever experienced whenever you try to write or draw something on your iPad, you find unwanted marks? This happens as part of your hand or palm has touched or came into contact with your device and that your iPad screen has its pen input and touch enabled. With this feature, your palm would input stray marks on your screen when it touches your screen. We understand how frustrating this could be especially when you are working on a project.

What is Palm Rejection Stylus?

A palm rejection stylus allows you to be able to place your palm on your screen comfortably whenever you write, draw or sketch without having to worry about leaving input stray marks of your palm. What is more amazing about this technology is that you would not have to use any stylus gloves for it to work.

Palm rejection stylus is compatible and could be used with Jot Touch and Script. All you have to do is to connect it with Jot compatible app through Bluetooth and you are good to go.

This technology comes with an electronic component which has pen-like tip which is used for writing and sketching on touchscreen-enabled device. It also has internal components like erasers, memory and many more.

Moreover, it also has the ability to help the user write and draw accurately. As mentioned earlier, this stylus does not require for you to use stylus gloves unlike others. Moreover, you would not need it in order for you to be able to prevent stray marks on your screen due to your palm connecting or touching your screen.

Through palm rejection, you will be able to have an easier, more comfortable and faster writing and drawing experience. Yes, having a palm rejection is amazing and convenient. However, unfortunately, most touch gadgets do not have palm rejection features including Apple iPad tablets.

Without palm rejection, you could experience accidental activation, undesirable inputs, etc. which could lead to ergonomic issues. Fortunately, there are technology and particular hardware which we could use. For example, ultrasonic transducers could be placed near your screen to detect ultrasonic vibrations which comes from your pen that is being used. You could also use infrared emitting pen or cameras which could triangulate your palm position. Another method you could use is the passive capacitive tip of a stylus which is known for its simulating a finger touch which would send its data to your device over Bluetooth.


We hope that this article has provided you useful information which you could use regarding Palm Rejection technology.

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