Xbox One S to arrive on August 2

It’s official that Xbox One S will arrive on August 2. The One S follows the current trend of gaming console manufacturers, who are releasing smaller, more power-efficient revision of current generation console before releasing an update with more powerful components. Xbox One S is 40% smaller than its predecessor and features a redesigned controller that has texture handles for improved textured grip, Bluetooth support that requires Windows 10 Anniversary Update and improved wireless range.

Xbox One S will launch with 2TB storage with the options of 1TB and 500 GB coming later. The Xbox revision will feature support for 4K movie playback from Blu-ray and the New High Dynamic Range video that increases the depth and range of color on display with an HDR-complaint TV. This update makes X-box One S the only console that allows users to enjoy Blu-ray movies and streaming 4K Ultra HD. Xbox one games the likes of Scalebound, Forza Horizon 3, Gear of war will look better due to high contrast ratio between darks and lights, bringing top quality true visual depth of your favorite games.

Xbox One controller can be purchased as a standalone item for $59.99 USD, while Xbox One S will cost $400. Microsoft has already noted that all pre-orders placed to date will arrive on August 2, pending regional availability. The blog post also pointed out that pre-orders through Microsoft’s store and other retailers continue to be on offer but availability is limited, and the demand is high.

This is the first significant change to the console since it was launched back in 2013. Sony is said to be also working on a PlayStation 4 update that will be called PlayStation 4 Neo. It will also offer 4K Ultra HD compatibility. Microsoft will follow Xbox One S with Xbox One project Scorpio that expected to be launched by the end of 2017. The Scorpio is supposed to support games in 4K as well as HD virtual reality display.

Featued image credit:techcrunch

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