Xiaomi reportedly planning a trade-in program for iPhone

According to a source that was tipped by Xiaomi’s Media Development Director, Xiaomi is planning to launch a trade-in program soon. With this program, any user who has an iPhone 5S or older iPhone version will be able to replace it with Xiaomi Mi Note and iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus users will get Xiaomi Mi Note Pro as a replacement for free.

Xiaomi has been doing some aggressive marketing for its products and majority of the tactics are used directly at Apple. It has been already seen that Xiaomi do a lot of comparisons between its devices and Apple at the official product launches which means that they are directly targeting the tech giant.

Xiaomi has already gained a lot of popularity in China and other Asian markets due to its budget friendly smartphones with great specifications. Some people are already tipping Xiaomi as the “Apple o f China”.

The trade-in program which is still in working will be pushed worldwide which will help Xiaomi establish a strong foothold in markets outside Asia. iPhone users just need to have a working device with proper functionality. Usually in trade-in programs like these, the company who is offering the program takes into account the condition of the trading smartphone as well. But Xiaomi has excluded this condition from its trade-in program.

It is also said that the Xiaomi development team is already working on an iOS app which will help iPhone users to easily transfer their data from iPhone to Xiaomi device. The app will be published directly on Apple AppStore and will be accessible to everyone.

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