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2018 Best 3D Printing Pens

A new innovation in the art world, 3D pens could be one of an artist’s best friends. It is a printing pen that could make prints in three dimension and could make one’s artwork look real. However, since it is new in the industry, getting one could be a bit confusing and not to mention choosing the right one could be pretty complicated. To ease your worries and help you select the best 3D printing pen that would suit your needs, this article will discuss more information about 3D pens and will feature 10 brands you could choose from.

What is a 3D pen and how does it work?

A 3D pen is bulkier than the normal pen or pencil and instead of using lead or ink, the 3D pen uses plastic. Using it is not complicate nor difficult. In fact, it is the same method of how you use any normal pen or pencil.

As mentioned earlier, the 3D pen uses plastic instead of ink and to start using it, you will need to insert a plastic filament. Wait for a few minutes for the pen to heat, melt and turn the plastic into liquid. Once that is done, you could start using your 3D pen.

2018 Best 3D Printing Pens

1. Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen

This model is known as the one that would give you best value of your money. The Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen is created for both professionals and kids. It has the advanced features for adults and professionals at the same time it has fun features that kids could enjoy.

The packaging of this model would make an adult think twice of purchasing it. However, as the famous saying goes, do not judge the book by its cover, this model includes filaments and templates for easier usage for kids. As for adults, this model not only has different variables of speed, it also has the temperature component which would not be useful for children.

As for the price, it is said that this model is much more expensive in comparison to other models. However, in comparison to the features it offers, this model is seen as cost-effective and has great value overall.

2. LIX pen UV

This pen best suits professional users. It is tiny and is a great choice for any artist- may it be a designer or an architect. This model is an upgraded version which comes with upgraded internal components and structure.

LIX pen is now more durable. It has more options and has wider range of filaments. It also has updated its heating and pulling mechanisms which also improves the flow of filament.

This model was done and created for those who love portability. It is shorter by 15mm than its previous model and is considered the smallest circular 3D pen.

If you’ve decided to buy this model, a single package comes with two packs of ABS filaments, a USB cable for recharging which you could use with your personal power bank whenever and wherever you are.

If you wish to purchase this product; however, you should take into consideration that there are some unhappy customers and it is best to wait for a newer version.

3. 7Tech 3D Printing Pen

7Tech 3D Printing Pen could be used for beginners as this model was created user-friendly and has a silent operating mode. Aside from that, it also has thermal controls, would notify you in case the filament gets stuck and gives you control for the extrusion according to your preferred speed.

The only downside of this model is its limited supply of filaments and the high temperature the pen gets when you use it.

4. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

This model is easy to use at the same time it is also lightweight which ensures proper ergonomics. This pen has a small OLED screen which displays various modes including the speed and temperature. Its nozzle can be removed easily unlike other 3D printing pens and could easily be used and cleaned every after use.

Moreover, this model also supports PLA and ABS plastic filaments which provides wide range of variety of colors and texture.

This model also has its cons, however, as its manual is a bit vague and could be bit difficult for those who relies on it to be able to operate a 3D pen. This should not discourage you in purchasing though as you could find videos that could help and give you more information.

5. DigiHero 3D Pen

This pen is best for kids. It is safe, easy to use and easy to learn as well. The pen is light weight and includes 12 filaments. Aside from that, this model packs a removal tool to remove the filament not in use, a pen holder and a wall charger.

As this model is for kids, professionals would see this pen as something that lacks in advanced and important features such as removal of nozzle for cleaning, tool or mechanism that could prevent plastic from jamming. However, what would you expect from a model which is built for kids and has cheap price.

6. AIO Robotics Full- Metal Premium 3D Pen

This model is known for it being best for high precision. The AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Pen offers a lot of features that is required in complex drawings. It is slim and its design has an ergonomic touch to it.

It is easy to grip and gives you full control in terms of determining the flow and speed of ink and temperature through monitoring it from its OLED display. The pen also does not overheat but is fast to warm and use it readily.

For its charging system, you will not have to worry as well as all you have to do is use your smart phone charger or a power bank and you are all set to use the pen.

7. 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen

This model comes with 50 plastic filaments which you could use and choose from. This pen is seen as one of the best looking 3D printing pens. The filaments are easy to use, replace and does not clog. It could be used in any surface and is easy to use specially for the veteran artists but could be a bit difficult for new users.

8. Glyby Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Glyby is the cheapest 3D printing pen and though its physical design is not as classy and as good looking as the other models, this model’s performance meets expectations. It can be used in any surface and with that said, this model is also best for kids. It is easy to use at the same time it is sturdy enough for kids to use for long period of time. However, if you are a professional and is looking for advanced features, this model of pen might not be the best for you.

9. TRLife 3D Doodler Pen

For beginners and for those who would want to improve their skill in 3D drawing, this pen would best suit you. A great option for those who need practice, this model is the 4th version. Its mechanism which ensures the filaments would not jam and its transparent body to see if any filament has been jammed are just a few upgrades that this version have.

This model comes with drawing templates and transparent sheets for beginners and for users who would like to practice. The only downside of this model though is it is limited to PLA filament and does not support any other plastic types.

As for the price, it is cheaper and its features are parallel to its price.

10. Future Make Polyes Q1

Known as the safest pen, this model does not use any plastic filaments. Instead, it uses cool ink. The cool ink is like plastic but does not have the hazard, hot materials and melting process. This pen is another model that could be used by children as there is no risk for kids burning their skin due to the heating mechanism that 3D pens has.

The pen’s charging works on USB which limits compatibility issues and has long battery life. The down side of this pen however, is its price. The inks are much more expensive than the plastic filaments. However, as we all say, it is better to spend than not to be safe.

When Buying a 3D Pen

There are many considerations in buying a 3D pen that would best suit your needs and there has been a lot of modifications and upgrading of models and features in every brand. It is suggested that you review and check each functions and applications before purchasing one. If you are a professional, a beginner, practicing artist or a mom looking for something her children could use, you will need to take into consideration the filament, ink, safety, design, return policy, etc.

3D Plastic vs. Cool Ink pen

Most of 3D pens use plastic filaments which would need a heating mechanism to melt the plastic to enable one to draw with it. This could be dangerous if not used with caution as the pen could get warm enough to burn one’s skin. However, as time goes by, there are a few who was able to invent and develop the usage of cool ink pens. These pens do not need to use any heat to release the ink. This development is not only safe for kids but is also a tool that could help enhance one’s skill without the danger of overheat and burn.

Aside from the development of cool ink pens, another option provided by 3D pen companies is the drawing in air wherein the drawing in air happens in any horizontal surface and after time the art hardens.

Características adicionales

Aside from considering important features such as the method of filament loading, conversion, drawing process, additional special extra features do not hurt and could be found very useful.

Type of control- it is important for a pen to give access control the features to its users. Examples of these are the temperature, regulation of the flow and drawing speed.

Design- does your pen have that ergonomic design? The trend now for 3D pens are those that are slimmer, portable and USB charger. When choosing the design of a pen, you should take into

consideration the feel of the pen in your hand. Is it light weight? Does it give you access to the display of the flow of filament, etc.?

Filament Type- The type of filament has a huge impact in your drawing style. When choosing a pen, it is important to take into consideration the method of replacing the filaments. Is it easy to replace it? Aside from that it is also important to check the standard, flexibility, composite and specialty of the filament.

Brand name- Though some would think that brand name is not that important, knowing which company and where were the products made plays important role in the quality of the pen.

Check reviews- always check reviews of the products. This would give you an idea the quality, the pros and cons and which product would suit you the best.


As 3D pens are relatively new to the market and there are a lot of choices, this article will greatly help you and assist you in choosing the right pen for you

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