Las mejores alternativas para Android Appy Geek

Appy Geek is a tech news app found on smart phones and tablets. For Appy Geek users, this app has been useful in keeping one updated. However, users are worried with its closure in India. Yes, Appy Geek is no longer offered in Indian Google Play Store and even if you search for it you will not be able to find the app anymore. With this development, we would like to ensure users that there are still other options that offers if not the same, better functions and features should Appy Geek’s services will no longer be offered. Here are the best Appy Geek alternatives you could use in any Android device:


Feedly is known for offering multiple sourced news. It also allows you to organize your news, publications, YouTube, blogs, etc. and for easier usage, this app collects and arranges it all in one app. All you have to do is to choose your favorite publishers and channels. Once you have done so, Feedly will provide related feeds to you.

You will also be allowed to create multiple personal feeds wherein you could create feeds for different contents such as politics, tech news, etc. It also allows you to choose reading through dark mode. It offers auto mark read feature which marks the latest portion where you left off and read it later feature.

Google News

Changing its reputation of its products of not working well, Google News has never broken down. It offers full coverage which shows you one news coming from different sources and with this you’ll be able to get all sides of the story.

It has For you feature which shows your top stories which have been customized based on your interests. Newscast feature however shows a collection of videos, trending topics and trending articles. This app also allows you to subscribe to different news channels.


Flipboard allows its users to subscribe to different tech news websites and blogs. Through this, they ensure when you use Flipboard all the news or topics you would wish to read, will be seen in one place.

The Flipboard offers animation whenever you flip pages and you will see this through easily swiping the page up to see the next news. Another feature this app offers is its compatibility or its support for most of the websites and blogs all over the world. Its updates do not have problems and it is accessible for free.


Beebom has one of the highest ratings and it has numerous users installing its app on Play Store. Beebom comes with the latest tech news and videos and news is brought to you in easy to read and in a quick manner. Once you find something that piqued your interest, you could just tap or click on read more textbox and a full detailed news article will be readily available for you to read.

Beebom is also designed with a trending portion which shows bits of news trending around the world. It also includes daily app videos which one could view, share, apps, games and apps. You could change the background to dark mode, like, comment and bookmark.

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