Aplicaciones que fomentan la positividad

With today’s on-goings of bad news circulating every minute, every day around the world, everybody needs a dose of positivity. Even simple things found on the net that could make you smile and could make your day a little better and vibrant.

Here are just a few apps that promote positivity and are highly recommended for your daily consumption of positive vibes:

1. Happify

Happify is an app that provides positive vibes through scientific based activities such as games that reduces one’s stress and feelings of negativity. This app is known for its effectivity in improving one’s emotional well-being.

Happify uses techniques which were developed by scientists and experts who have been doing researches on interventions in positive psychology. It is also said that most users of this app feel better just after using Happify for about 2 months.

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2. Gratitude Journal- Life Changing App

As they say, for one to feel good, one must be thankful for all the blessings you have and are experiencing in your life and what’s more effective than listing down everything you are thankful for the day? Through this Gratitude Journal app, you will be able to jot down everything that you are happy about, a good deed that you have received and many more. These type of thoughts would just provide you all the positivity and happiness that you would need in your daily life.

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3. Calm

Calm is known to be the best meditation app in 2016. This app lets you have at least five minutes of meditation and as they say meditation helps you get focused, feel balanced and take control of your life. Calm comes with calming and naturistic sounds that will help you focus and calm down.

This app also encourages you and your friends achieve your meditation goals.

4. Mindful Moon App

Mindful Moon App understands how life could be so much stressful and through its features, this app ensures that you are energized through positive and empowering daily messages. Not only the messages help you get focused, it also provides you inspiration. This app is highly recommended for those who are seeking daily dose of positivity.


5. Pozify

Pozify is an app that negates bad news by providing positive news. In this app, users could share happy and positive stories on social media and get points for it. The points that you will get could be exchanged for products or gift cards. So what are you now waiting for? Share your positive feeling stories, feel good about making other people smile and still receive a reward for it.

6. Positive Thinking

This app provides its users motivation to increase positive thinking. It comes with inspirational quotes that will help you remain positive, optimistic and have a positive mind. The quotes that you will find in this app touches the topics about attitude, relationships, life, happiness, dreams, career, success, achievement and many more. Aside from that, you could also share positivity through your social media apps.


7. YouTube

YouTube is a famous platform where you could watch different kinds of videos and this platform does not lack in feel good positive videos. In YouTube, you could search talks by speakers that encourages positivity.

8. Moodscope

Moodscope is an app that specifically could be accessed through your desktop and it is an app that could track and analyze your mood daily. This works by asking you to determine what your mood is and the results will be sent to other users who work as peers and supporters. This app offers a one-week free trial.

9. Realifex (Real Life Change)

Realifex is an app which you could consider as your own personal life coach that you could bring anywhere you go. It tracks your mood and ensures it will provide you motivation and positive feeling. It also ensures that it will help you manage your stress levels.

10. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is created based on a goal of a non-profit organization. This app ensures that it provides positive thinking through mindfulness meditation. It’s an app that is widely used by many individuals from all over the world.

Smiling Mind provides and teaches different meditation techniques which will definitely provide a smile on your lips and decrease your stress level.



Positive thinking is now easy to achieve with the use of apps that will help and aid you in feeling good through videos, quotes, meditation, managing stress and many more. With this, we highly recommend the apps mentioned above which will surely provide you good positive vibes and a smile on your lips.

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