10 Apps to Use on Campus

Don’t even doubt – your campus years will be memorable, but challenging at the same time. Your task is to make the most out of it. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of applications that will help you cope with all the challenges of student life and still enjoy it. 


It has long been proven that our brain perceives visual information better than text. Learning with flashcards is an effective method because you remember not only the text on the card but also its appearance. So it will be much easier to remember a date, formula, name, or event. All you need is to add all the necessary data to this application and create cards that you can use at any time. You will remember most of the information already at the stage of preparing the cards. But the technology goes even further, and apart from or instead of using something as simple as flashcards, you can immerse yourself into the VR (virtual reality) and study ‘first-hand.’


The first couple of weeks of campus life may be stressful  – especially if you have moved from another city or country. Fortunately, with this app, it is possible to make new friends right away. Once you download the app, specify your location, mention your interests, and enjoy the benefits of the smart matching algorithms. The app will create a list of people who are near, share your interests, and are ready to chat with you and meet. Remember, you don’t need to be alone!


Financial planning is the main pain point for students. Especially if you are living in the survival mode, trying to do your best at studying, repay the loan, and not die from hunger. This app will manage all your finances in one place so you will be able to find the middle ground between your spendings and income. Track your budget and save where you can, but do not deprive yourself of college fun opportunities. 

Party in My Dorm

Of course, studying is the top priority  – and the main reason why you are dealing with all the challenges of campus and university life. However, there is no student life without parties, and this app will help you always stay in the epicenter of things. With this app, you can create various events, track the events planned by your college buddies and other students, and never miss a noisy party in the neighborhood. 

Exam Countdown

Yes, yes, of course, you know when you have an exam. But it always seems that there is so much free time before this date. The visual countdown will help you to stay in reality and soberly evaluate the time you still have for preparation. Yes, this may be a stress-provocative tool, but this is just the case when the feeling of urgency will not let you postpone the preparation to the exams to the last night before it. 

Class Timetable

The intention of this app is obvious. Just be sure to use it and keep track of all your lectures.  


Regardless of whether you write cool academic papers yourself, or use the essay help service every time you encounter difficulties, you still need to format the reference list correctly and according to the requirements of the academic style you use. More sources mean more time for this task – so it is always wise to automate it. With the EasyBib app, you need to scan a barcode on the cover of a book, specify a formatting style, and get a reference instantly. There is no need to worry that you have missed a comma anymore. 

Alarmy: Sleep If You Can

“Sleep If You Can” is probably the motto of all the years of your campus life, especially if you were lucky enough to get noisy roommates, but… Most of the days you can’t afford to oversleep, be late, or miss an important event. That’s why it is necessary to have a  reliable app that will not let you stay in your bed for too long. Download this app and be prepared to get your first task for the day earlier than you open your eyes. This alarm clock will not stop until you do a specific task, and most importantly, do it correctly. For example, you will need to solve a riddle, solve an exercise, or take a photo of something.


Unfortunately, your mum can’t cook you your favorite dinner when you are living on campus. Now you need to do it yourself. Especially if your budget is limited. This app will provide you with a big list of easy-to-cook recipes, and what is more, it has a menu-planner feature. So, you will be able to plan your meals and the budget as well. 


Of course, the list of useful apps for students goes on. We’ve tried to gather the most life-saving and effective ones for you in one place. Start using one or all of them now, and make your life a little bit easier. 

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