Best 3D launchers for Android

Undoubtedly, Android is a leading name in the mobile industry and its flexibility has turned it into the most popular platform available. Although the standard interface of Android allows it to support multiple tasks, many users would prefer a unique look with a stronger visual impact. Thankfully, this is possible due to the versatility that Android stands for. Launchers are designed to help you to customize the appearance of tour device’s home screen. They allow you to enjoy an Android experience that suits your style and add stunning effects, making your device stand out from the crowd. These are the best 3D launchers that you can choose for your Android tablet or smartphone.

Next Launcher 3D Shell

If you are looking for the ultimate 3D experience in Android, this launcher by Go Dev team is one of the options that deserves to be considered. While the price ($16.99) may put off some users, the truth is that you get high quality and a remarkable selection of features that make the investment worthy. The stereoscopic three-dimensional screen previews offer enchanting animation and the Icon Editor gives you the possibility of designing your own icons. There is a great variety of transition effects and you can blow all the icons and widgets to air space with a cool floating mode. For those who prefer to try a free, although limited version of the app, the Next Launched 3D Shell Lite is the way to go.

Lightning Launcher

Created by PierroX, this launcher is loved by many users thanks to the fact that it is designed to use as little of the device’s resources as possible. While it doesn’t offer a large selection of features, the options available are really powerful. Icons can be added and arranged in any way you want and it is possible to have unlimited home screens. Plus, the fact that it can run without taking on a large chunk of the device’s resources, make it an ideal option for older and cheaper models. Lightning Launcher is available for just $2.99.

Nova Launcher Prime

This is a well-established option that continues evolving and offering the functionality to be considered as one of the best launchers out there. The practical customization features include icon pack support, themes, gesture support and the possibility to modify the appearance and experience that the app offers. The app is regularly updated to fix any possible bugs and it also supports a backup/restore option so you can recover your home screen layouts in case you change your phone. The Nova Launcher Prime costs less than $1 USD, but there is also a free version available.

TSF Shell

Some of the best launchers come with a hefty price tag, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find great free options. The TSF Launcher allows you to get an impressive 3D interface on your phone. You can arrange icons easily and the stunning transition effects allow you to enjoy a new, unique experience on your Android device. TSF Shell gives you the freedom to organize the home screen following your own style. and the app is updated on a regular basis, adding new and impressive features.


Another excellent option that can be downloaded for free. Although the ADW.Launcher by AnderWeb has been around for a long time, it is still very popular thanks to its effective combination of great features and convenient navigation gestures. The home screens can be easily configured and there is a great list of skins and themes to choose from. ADW.Launcher is set to make your Android experience truly unique with customization options that allow you to match your device to your preferences.

GO Launcher Z

The popularity of GO Launcher is justified by its ease of use and an extensive selection wallpapers, widgets, themes, plugins and more. Millions of users rely on the simplicity and customization tools that this launcher by GO Dev Team offers. It comes with icon packs and it also scores well in terms of performance. The stylish GO Launcher is available for free but you can also upgrade to the Prime version for $5.99 to access additional features. This launcher is guaranteed to add a unique feeling to your mobile.

Apex Launcher

This legendary launcher has been trusted by millions of users thanks to its efficient performance and good set of features. It supports transition effects, scrolling habits and home screen gestures. There are many themes available and you can also access icon packs. Apex Launcher by Android Does, will enable you to make Android look and feel in the way you want. It is available for free but in order to get more themes and features, you can upgrade to Apex Launcher Pro for $3.99.


Yandex is one of the best known companies in Russia and their launcher has become a highly popular option on Google Play. Apart from being an effective home launcher, it works as an address book and a dialer. It can be downloaded for free and it is very easy to use. It provides great customization features and the 3D carousel gives you the possibility of changing screens seamlessly. You can keep the widgets that you use the most handy by keeping them on the same screen. Yandex.Shell can make things easy and allows you to locate your favorite apps without hassle.

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  1. I have had Next Launcher since it came out, but since my system updated to Oreo somethings won’t work any more. I contacted the company to no avail!

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