Best alternatives to Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a fantastic technology that facilitates media streaming and that can enrich your experience with home entertainment. This simple device supports HDMI media streaming and allows you to stream content from your mobile devices to your TV, wirelessly. Small in size, but great in terms of functionality, Google Chromecast can be plugged in directly into your TV and it can be paired with your tablet or smartphone over a WiFi connection. It is an affordable solution that lets you watch YouTube videos, Netflix content and more on your TV set, without having to use physical cables to connect your mobile device. Google Chromecast works with multiple third-party apps and it offers reliable performance.

While Google Chromecast is a popular media streaming solution, it is not perfect and there are some reasons to consider other alternatives. For instance, it doesn’t support Amazon TV and it doesn’t have a native interface, or a physical remote control. In addition, it may not work well with some applications. If you want to find other media streaming devices that can also help you to enjoy your favorite content on your TV screen, you can choose from the below list. Here are the best alternatives to Google Chrome.

Apple TV

If you are an Apple fan, you are probably biased towards the company’s own media streaming device. Apple TV allows you to stream content from iTunes directly to your TV and it is even possible to watch content that is locally stored. You can also get access to a wide selection of movies and TV shows from iTunes. If you are already using iOS devices and have a lot of media on iTunes, Apple TV would be the best choice. It supports gaming and it can be easily set up using an HDMI socket.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV has taken a leading place in the world of media streaming devices thanks to its wide selection of features and convenience. It supports gaming, which means that you can not only stream videos, but will also be able to play your favorite games on your TV screen. Amazon Fire TV offers solid performance and allows you to stream content from HBO Go, Netflix, YouTube and other popular platforms right on your TV. It stands apart from other similar devices thanks to its impressive features. It is more expensive than Chromecast and other options, but it is a comprehensive solution that is worth considering.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming stick is a powerful solution that supports all the necessary features to enjoy a great media streaming experience. While it is more expensive than Google Chromecast, it is not as expensive as Amazon Fire TV. What makes the Roku Streaming stick stand out is its fantastic flexibility. It also comes with a practical application interface and a dedicated remote. There are over 1000 Roku channels to stream from and the free mobile apps for Android and iOS will also makes things simple. The Roku Streaming stick is easy to use and the WiFi remote control, as well as the extensive selection of channels available, make it a great alternative to Chromecast.

Samsung Allshare Cast

This media streaming device gives you the possibility of streaming movies and videos from your mobile devices, but it is not only suitable for home entertainment. Samsung Allshare Cast can also be used fro streaming presentations in a workplace environment. It requires a supported Samsung device, which could be a Galaxy smartphone or tablet. With Samsung Allshare Cast, you can stream content to your TV using an HDMI cable, or a WiFi connection. If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, the Allsgare Cast is a convenient solution and it lets you stream movies and TV shows, as well as presentations.


AllCast is a free app for Android and iOS that allows you to stream photos and videos to your TV with the help of a third-party DLNA receiver. The free app works with a variety of media streaming devices including Chromecast, Roku Streaming stick, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. While AllCast is not actually an alternative to Chromecast as it can’t be used to replace the device, it is a practical additional app that allows you to stream your local content to your TV. It can be used in combination with Chromecast so that you can watch your local content on your TV screen.


Those who prefer open source technology will be glad to know that there is a way to enjoy the functionality of Google Chromecast, without having to rely on solutions developed by major corporations. PiCast lets you transform your Raspberry Pi (which is available for a very reasonable price), into a device that lets you stream media on your TV. If you don’t mind spending some time in the configuration, this is a fantastic alternative. An Ethernet connection is required, but this will give you a more stable experience while streaming media than a WiFi connection. Raspberry Pi is a project that is constantly evolving so if you love technology and prefer an open source solution that is flexible and affordable, PiCast is the way to go.

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