Best Android apps to hide photos

Many of us take photos with our phones pretty much everyday, but it is likely that some of the images are not meant to be shared or seen by anyone else. Although we don’t necessarily want to delete the photos, we may prefer to keep them private. The problem is that there are cases in which those photos may be accessed accidentally. If you are showing other photos to a friend, or lend your phone to someone, there is a risk that they may end up seeing the images that you want to keep private. The best option to avoid this is hiding the photos and videos that you won’t want other people to see. Thankfully, there are practical apps that are designed for that purpose. Here you will find the best options available for Android users.


KeepSafe is another great solution to keep your photos and videos protected from prying eyes. It features a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily find all the functions supported. You can add photos from your Gallery without hassle and all the photos stored in KeepSafe can be secured with a PIN. KeepSafe will not appear in your app list so others won’t even know that it is installed on your phone. KeepSafe supports many advanced options including the possibility to add a fake pin and masking KeepSafe to make it look like it’s a different app. In addition, you can send self-destruct photos from the safe vault. These images will be automatically deleted after 20 seconds.

Fotox: Hide Pictures and Videos

Fotox is known for providing outstanding security and backup functionality to protect your private images and videos. You can protect your files using a password, a pin, a pattern or even face detection. Adding media from the gallery to the secure vault is easy and you can also capture images or video using the app. It is possible to back up private media to the Fotox cloud storage and you can access them when you are on the go, thanks to the syncing capabilities. The app can be completely hidden so that others don’t know that it is on your device.

Hide Pictures and Videos – Vaulty

Vaulty has been around for quite a while and it is a reliable solution to hide photos that you don’t want other people to see. The interface is very simple and it offers a great selection of features that will allow you to enhance the privacy of your photos and videos. With this app created by Squid Tooth, you can set up a password to protect your media content and prevent others from accessing it without your authorization. If someone tries to access the password-protected Vault and enters an incorrect password, Vaulty will even take a photo so you can find out about this. Vaulty also supports online backup options, enabling you to protect your data and to restore it in case it is deleted.

Vault-Hide SMS Pics and Video

Vault by NQ Mobile Security is designed to hide not only your photos and videos, but also your contacts, SMS messages and other data on your phone. It is possible to add all the files to your vault and protect them with a password, ensuring that no one else can see them. The apps also enables you to set up a Fake Vault with fake data, which will trick people into thinking that they have accessed the actual vault. Another way to protect the data is by hiding the vault app itself so if anyone gets your phone, they won’t even know that the app is there.

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault allows you to hide photos and videos with a great selection of customization options. It is possible to add a password or a pin to protect the app, and another one for your media files. The double password/pin setting offers a strong level of protection for your data and will keep it safe from eavesdroppers. It is also possible to send your locked photos to others via text message or email without leaving the app. Private Photo Vault by Legendary Software Labs gives you complete control over your media content.

Safe Gallery Free

Safe Gallery by Ukzzang offers a simple and free solution to protect your media content using a password, a pin or a pattern that only you know. You can also backup your files to make sure that they can be restored in case of accidental deletion or loss. Safe Gallery can secure images from your Gallery, as well as images from web pages with a single tap. You can easily organize the data kept in Safe Gallery for easy access. The app can be hidden to prevent others from finding out about its existence.

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

Anuj Tenani has created another reliable solution to keep your photos, apps, SMS text, images and more, hidden. The app is free and it doesn’t require an additional subscription. It works as an Audio manager to conceal what it actually does so that your data remains safe. You can also hide the app completely from the list. There are many options to customize your experience with the app and you can organize the data and manage your media content without issues. The data can be protected using a PIN and a password. Your files are protected with AES-256 encryption to keep them secure.

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