Best apps to make free calls to mobiles and landlines – No internet connection required

Being able to make free calls to mobile phones and landlines is a practical option that allows you to stay in touch with friends and family, even if they don’t have an internet connection. Usually, in order to be able to make calls without cost, the other party also has the app installed and both of you need to be connected to the internet. This is the case of WhatsApp, Viber, or Facebook Messenger. However, there are are options that will allow you to make calls directly to landlines and mobiles, so the recipient doesn’t need to be connected to the internet. Here you will find a selection of apps that enable offline calls to landlines and mobile phones.


This amazing app allows you to make free calls to landlines or mobiles numbers anywhere in the world. The call receiver doesn’t even need to have the WhatsCall! app installed and no internet connection is required. As long as you have WhatsCall on your device, you will be able to call anyone, at any time. The app gives you to 100 credits every day and all you need to do is to log in to the app. The credits can be used to make free calls and you can get additional credits by referring friends, downloading apps, watching videos and completing other simple tasks. It is possible to get up to 4500 additional credits every month, which will be enough to make multiple calls without paying. The amount of credits needed per minute depends on the country you are calling to. Apart from being able to make calls to landlines and mobiles, you can enjoy unlimited calls to users who also use WhatsCall and no credits will be taken.

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Libon is another option to enjoy free global calls and it allows you to stay in touch with friends and family. The app is free to download and while calls are paid, the prices are very low. Libon by Orange Vallée supports calls to mobiles and landlines in more than 150 countries in all continents. The calling rates are convenient and you can easily recharge minutes when you are abroad. If you call someone who also uses the app, the calls are free and you can get free 30 minutes per month to make calls to people who don’t have the app (mobiles or landlines), so no internet connection is needed on their side. If you refer friends, it is also possible to get free 60 minutes per month.

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If you need to call someone who doesn’t have an internet connection, Dingaling is another option worth considering. The app offers up to 150 minutes of free calls to mobiles and landlines in an extensive selection of countries including United States, India, New Zealand, Mexico, South Korea, Thailand, Croatia and Israel. The free calling minutes are assigned every month and the availability depends on the destination and whether it is a mobile or a landline. The app is available for Android and iOS and you can earn additional free credits by inviting friends, watching videos or sharing information about the app on your social media profiles. You can also enjoy free calls and texts to other Dingaling users and send stcikers, photos or videos.


Users in India, Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Sweden, Hong Kong, Romania and over 30 other countries, can rely on Nanu, a solution that works even on 2G networks and allows you to enjoy truly free calls. You can get call credits every day and use them to make calls to any mobile or landline. If the person you want to call has Nanu installed on their device, you can enjoy unlimited calls and messages for free. It provides high quality, clear calls on 2G and busy networks and if you refer friends, you can earn credits to enjoy free calls to landlines and mobiles. Nanu is a lightweight app and it doesn’t use a lot of data.

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