Best Download Managers for Windows

There is a varied selection of web browsers available, but even the most commonly used ones are limited when it comes to managing downloads. One of the main issues with web browsers, even the likes of Chrome and Firefox is that they don’t have a resume-download feature, which can be annoying. This is when a good download manager can make a big difference. Apart from making things more convenient, a download manager allows you to enjoy better download speeds and to handle multiple downloads without having an impact on your browsing experience. Windows users will find in our list some of the best download manager that they can choose from.

Free Download Manager

Commonly known as FDM, this solution effectively combines ease of use and powerful functionality. Free Download Manager offers increased speed and it allows you to pause and resume downloads whenever you want. This is particularly useful for Chrome users. In addition to HTTP and FTP, Free Download Manager supports torrent downloads and it offers fast performance, even in that case. One of the best features in offer is the possibility of storing different files in separate folders, which allows you to manage data in a more simple way. FDM also comes with a media player so you can view the downloaded files without leaving the tool.

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus or DAP, is designed to speed up the download process, using a dynamic download engine that can offer the best download speed. In addition, it finds a variety of sources from where you can download one file. You can also find some great features within a user-friendly interface. With DAP, you can download videos from popular streaming websites like YouTube and you can also convert them to a different format. There is a free version available, but in order to enjoy advanced features like ZIP Preview, File Shredder and more, the best option is to upgrade to the paid version for around $25.

Internet Download Manager

This is one of the most popular and powerful download manager applications that you can get. It offers better speeds and enhanced stability for your downloads and besides supporting integration with the most popular web browsers available, Internet Download Manager offers simple functionality. You can drag and drop the files and the software also lets you use command line so that you can manage your downloads without hassle. IDM comes with a timer that gives you the possibility of scheduling your downloads. You can also organize files in different categories and the latest version lets you obtain video from web players and it supports MMS protocol. It is a good solution in terms of speed and stability and you can get it from $29.95.

Orbit Downloader

With Orbit Downloader, you can download any file fast and easily, thanks to its comprehensive selection of features. The software aims to revolutionize the way in which you manage your downloads. It supports functions that allow you to download content from a variety of streaming platforms such as YouTube and Pandora. It also has a user-friendly interface that is lightweight and that won’t affect the performance of your system. HTTP, FTP, MMS and RTSP are some of the protocols supported and you can even set up a proxy server and enjoy several solutions to manage your downloads in an efficient way. Orbit Downloader is also known for offering great support.


JDownloader is a free, open-source solution that supports practical features including the possibility of pausing and resuming downloads as needed. You can also download multiple files and the software offers support fro popular video streaming platforms like Vimeo and YouTube. The software is available for major operating systems such as Mac, Windows and Linux. If you download a lot of content, JDownloader is a practical solution because if your IP address has been blocked by a particular site, it gets a new IP so that you can enjoy the best possible speed. There are hundreds of plugins to choose from and you can rely on 24-hour support to help you with any issues or queries.

Download Ninja

Google Chrome may be highly popular, but it doesn’t mean that this web browser offers an effective way to manage your downloads. In order to boost the functionality of Chrome when it comes to downloads, you can rely on Download Ninja. While there is a full version of Download Ninja that works as a standalone download manager for your PC, there is also an add-on specially designed for Chrome. When you install the Download Ninja extension for Chrome, you get the possibility of adding your downloads to Download Ninja with a single click. It is very simple and it offers a wide selection of features. You can pause, resume downloads, limit their speeds, shred files and more. The extension also supports a variety of themes, multiple languages and you can queue the downloads.


Although DownThemAll is not a standalone download manager, this add-on supports advanced download manager features in Mozilla Firefox. It is not as complete as the other solutions included in the list, but it is worth a try since it offers great speeds and it allows you to customize your downloads to meet your preferences. One of the most convenient features included is the spider pages option. You can also auto-rename the features. DownThemAll is a great built-in download manager that is free and very easy to use.

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