Best Free Caller ID Apps for Android

Thanks to mobile phones, you can be contacted while you are on the go and stay in touch with friends and family. There are many cases in which having a mobile phone makes all the difference. While having your phone with you at all times can be very practical, it can also turn into a headache when you are constantly getting calls from numbers you don’t recognize or when there are certain people you are trying to avoid, and who keep calling you. If you are unable to identify the caller because it is not saved in your contacts, the call can be from a friend inviting you to a party you don’t want to miss, or from someone who you don’t really want to talk to. This is why a caller ID app can be very helpful as it will give you the chance to find out who is calling. Here is a list of the best options available.


This app by True Software Scandinavia is trusted by millions of users around the world and it has a very high rating in Google Play Store. Truecaller is a powerful solution to identify unknown calls, prevent spam calls/texts and ensure that you don’t have to deal with unwanted contacts. Thanks to Truecaller, you can filter out calls and texts that you prefer not to deal with. The app allows you to enjoy a more efficient and secure experience with your calls and texts. It blocks spam and telemarketing calls and you can see names of unknown numbers in the call history. Apart from helping you to stop unwanted calls, Truecaller allows you to connect easily with your friends, sharing location, status, emojis and more.

Full Screen Caller ID

If you want to see a clear, large image of the person who is calling, this app is a good solution. Full Screen Caller ID shows you a full screen image of the caller and in the case of a contact, you will be able to see a high quality photo of them. If you call, or text a contact, or if they try to reach out to you, you will be able to identify them very quickly. It is a convenient app that lets you find out who is reaching out to you, just by looking at your device’s screen. The app comes with 20 different free themes and you can use over 500 contacts for free as well.

Mr.Number-Block calls & spam

Mr Number is an app by Hiya that allows you to block unwanted calls and prevent spam, as well as scams. With this convenient solution, you can avoid annoying calls and SMS texts. Mr Number also lets you report spam so that you can help other users in the community to avoid unwanted calls. You can reverse phone look up any number to discover the identity of the caller. It is also possible to set up and manage a personal list of the numbers that you want to block. Mr Number is easy to use and it is another option with a high rating in the Google Play Store.


NumberGuru is a popular website where users can look up any number to find information about it. There is also a convenient app that offers the same features of the web version so that you can easily identify spammers and search for a number to discover details about it. Other users share their experiences so you will find information that will allow you to know who is calling and avoid unwanted calls. NumberGuru is a convenient
caller ID and reverse phone solution that lets you find out who is behind a call from a number that you can’t recognize. You can find useful details such as location of the caller and spam scores.

Calls Blacklist

Created by Vlad Lee, Calls Blacklist is a caller ID app that offers efficient performance. It won’t drain your device’s battery and it is very easy to use. Calls Blacklist allows you to block calls from the numbers you select. You have the option to enter the number that you want to add to the blacklist, or select one of the pre-settings, which allow you to block private numbers, unknown numbers, or all calls if you don’t want to be contacted at all. There is also a feature that lets you block the numbers by prefix in case you want to avoid calls from a specific service or country.


CallApp is a high quality solution that offers convenient features that allow you to avoid unwanted calls. With CallApp, you will know who is calling you and will be able to block calls that you don’t want to deal with. You can lookup a number to know who is calling you. It is possible to add number to a blacklist so you won’t have to deal with calls that are just a nuisance. The app also offers an Automatic Call Recorder that makes the process of recording very simple. The feature works on any Android device and you can share recordings via social media. Just bear in mind the legislation about call recording in your location.


In this case, CIA stands for Caller ID & Call Blocker and this app is another popular solution to block unwanted calls and avoid spam/scam calls. It allows you to identify the unknown numbers on incoming calls. CIA uses data based on numbers reported by millions of users around the world. The information is used to verify if a number is safe or not and to who belongs to. You will be able to see who the caller is and find out if the phone number belongs to a company or if it is a personal number. The database can identify contact data for over 1.5 billion number and you can easily block numbers by adding them to your own blacklist.

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