Best iPad inventory management apps

If you are running a small business and need to keep track of a variety of products, a solution that help you to manage inventory is a must-have. Thankfully there are affordable options that offer you all the featured needed to stay on top of your inventory without having to invest a high amount of money. Since the iPad is a versatile device that has become a great companion for students, professionals and business owners, it doesn’t come as a surprise to find out that it is a great tool to manage your inventory effectively, when it is used in combination with some practical apps available. Here are the best inventory management apps for iPad.

On Shelf – Retail Inventory Manager

On Shelf offers a minimalist interface that allows you to focus on the data that is more important, but it also gives you access to a lot of convenient features. Created by Dawn Malsbury, On Shelf allows you to track your inventory without issues and it is particularly effective when you need to handle low volume stock. The import option allows you to add items easily. It also offers useful analytics/reports capabilities and you can find out which are the items that are on high demand and which ones are not selling well. You can download it for $4.99.

Goods Order Inventory

Good Order Inventory is not only great for iPad, but it also works well on your iPhone. This inventory management app by MetaOption, is designed to help you to keep track of orders, sales and inventory details in general. Good Order Inventory offers a variety of modules including inventory sales, products and category, and reporting and inventory. The app runs on SQLIte database, saving all the data on the device and you can download it for free.

Simple Inventory Management

This lightweight app is one of the most convenient solutions to manage your inventory. Developed by Jongyoung Chung, Simple Inventory Management is true to its name, offering a hassle-free way to add new items in the sales and purchase section. You can take a picture of the receipts or scan the barcode of an item to place it in the relevant category. Logging in is not required and while Simple Inventory Management doesn’t support advanced functions, it is ideal for small businesses and professionals. It is available for free.

Retail Inventory

Retail Inventory is another practical app to keep track of your inventory for free. It is ideal for retail businesses that need a simple, yet comprehensive solution. Retail Inventory is integrated with Cashier Live, a web-based POS software and using the app is very easy. You just have to enter the information required and let the app take care of the rest. Retail Inventory includes a barcode scanning system so you can manage your inventory in an easy way. You just need to download the app, register an account, scan your inventory and export the inventory file or sync it with your point-of-sale. The app requires an internet connection to work.

Stock Control

This free app was developed by Kiwi Objects and it stands out for offering an inventory management solution that is more visual. It presents a data version of your shop and allows you to enter product information and details, just like they are in your actual business. With Stock Control, you will be able to manage your inventory effectively thanks to its comprehensive set of features and ease of use. It is possible to list your items, organize them into categories and assign the relevant storage places for them. The search functions work very well and help you to find and retrieve items quickly.

SOS inventory

The SOS inventory management app integrates with QuickBook and it offers a fantastic set of features. The price depends on the features that you select but it ranges between $25 to $200 per month. The functionality includes sales order and the possibility of managing inventory from different locations. You can also track items by serial number, check cost history, track different stages of work in progress, create pick tickets, packing slips and more.


JumpStock offers a great selection of features, but it keeps things simple thanks to its straightforward interface. This app created by Jump Technologies lets you manage your inventory in a fast, accurate and efficient manner. If you need an advanced solution that lets you organize your inventory and keep track of it, this app would be a great choice. Keep in mind that a license from JumpTech is required and the app works along with the Web-based administration to offer a powerful system to handle your inventory. JumpStock is an interactive, feature-rich app for medium or large businesses. The app is availabel for free but in order to use it, you need the full JumStock package, which costs about $100.

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