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Best Online Backup for Small Business

Regardless of the size of your businesses, it is important to ensure that all your data is backed up properly. If you only run on-site backups, your files will still be at risk, which is why you should consider implementing an online backup solution for your business. An off-site backup method can be more convenient and affordable than keeping on-site backups. When you rely on a cloud service, you can take off the pressure from your company’s resources and enjoy more flexibility to access data when needed, even if you are not in the office. In addition, opting for an online backup solution will protect your files in case disaster strikes. Fires, earthquakes and theft are just some of the events that you should prepare for, ensuring that you have a plan in place to make sure that your data is not lost.

In the case of small businesses, finding an affordable and efficient solution is a must. Compared to large corporations, small businesses have limited resources and they need to make the out the best of what they have. While security is a crucial aspect for every company, it is possible that a small organization can’t invest a large amount of money to get the highest level of protection. This may leave their data at risk of being compromised or lost. It only takes an unexpected event, a virus, or a simple error to lose files, which would have devastating consequences. Thankfully, online backup is an option that small businesses can consider since it is affordable and secure. With online backup, you will be able to keep your data protected and available whenever you needed. In this list, you will find the most convenient online backup services for small businesses.


Carbonite is an excellent solution for backing up the data of your business, particularly files stored on MySQL databases, servers and computers running Windows. While they offer a service for small businesses that has limited space, this can be shared between different computers. The service is easy to set up and the process only takes a few minutes. You won’t even need to adjust the settings too much since the default options will suit the majority of requirements. For $269.99 per year, you can get 250GB of storage with support for as many computers as you want, external drives and NAS. There is also a 500GB plan available for $599.99 per year.

SOS Online Backup

With SOS Online backup, you will be able to backup as many computers and mobile devices as needed, keeping the data secure in a single location. The price depends on the amount of storage used and plans go from 100GB to 5TB. You can opt for monthly and yearly plans and thanks to the high level of encryption applied, you can enjoy peace of mind. You can select files that need the top level of protection and the will be subsequently backed up automatically and regularly. Just keep on mind that this may affect the storage capacity, so you will need to check the files manually and discard what you can.


IDrive offers an extensive list of features and it enables you to back up SQL databases, Windows servers and more. One of the highlights of IDrive is its Express solution, which gives you the option of requesting an external drive with 3.5TB of capacity, which you can use to save the data that you want to back up and then you can send it back to IDrive. They will upload the files to your account so you won’t need to spend a lot of time and use up bandwidth uploading your files. You can opt for this option up to three times during the year. IDrive’s plans start at 250GB of space for $99.50 and they go up to 12.5TB for almost $3000 per year.


Backblaze is an excellent choice if you are looking for ease of use and a convenient price. You won’t need to spend a lot of time configuring the service, because it practically comes ready to get you started backing up your files. It stands out from other options, thanks to the fact that it really lives up to its claims of providing unlimited storage. You can backup any type or size of file, which makes it very convenient for small businesses. Apart from giving you the possibility of storing as many files as needed, Backblaze protects your data with strong security. The main downside is that uploading data can take quite a long time. However, Backblaze deserves to be considered as it is an effective and an affordable solution. Each computer requires a license, but this costs $50 per user, on a yearly basis, which is cheaper than other options.


Another convenient solution is CrashPlan’s Pro service, which offers unlimited storage space and file versioning. You can choose between two plans, based on the needs of your business. The first option is Endpoint Backup Plus, a plan that provides continuous protection for your data with multiple restoration options such as deleted data restoration and cross-platform restoration. It is possible to select if you prefer public, private or hybrid clouds. If you opt for public or private clouds, you can avail of a free trial and after that, the plans start at $5 per month (based on yearly billing), per user. In order to be able to get a greater control over the system and enable two-factor authentication, you can go for the Code42 platform solution, which costs $10 per user, per month.

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