Best screen recording software for Windows

Technology has allowed us to overcome distances and to share information more effectively. There are many applications designed to overcome the challenges of long distance communication. One of these challenges is trying to explain a process to someone who is far from us. You may outline all the steps or prepare detailed instructions to make sure that they can follow them on their computer, but sometimes the only way to make sure that they understand is by showing them exactly what they need to do. Screen recording is the most convenient solution in this case because it allows you to keep things simple when you need to make sure that someone can complete a process in the same way as you would. In this list, we will check some of the best screen recording tools available for Windows.


If you need a screen recording tool that allows you to create tutorials and educational material without hassle, ActivePresenter is the solution that you need to consider. It was developed by Atomi Systems and it is designed to ensure that the screenshots that you take and the recordings you capture are more interactive, so that you can explain processes to others easily. With ActivePresenter, you can add voiceover, annotations, graphics, callouts and other options that will make the experience more interactive. In addition, ActivePresenter supports SCORM-complaint Learning Management Systems, which means that it can also be used as a training tools for corporate environments.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Developed by Icecream Apps, this free screen recording tool will allow you to enjoy the process of recording and capturing your screen. It supports several Windows versions and it is very easy to use. You can capture any area of the screen as a screenshot or as a video file. Icecream Screen Recorder comes with a great selection of tools and features that support professional screen capture with audio. The options available with this screen recorder include a drawing panel, that allows you to highlight details in your screenshots or to let your creativity flow. Other helpful features include screenshot to URL, audio settings and hotkey support.


Snagit is a premium solution from TechSmith that offers a great range of features and seamless, efficient performance. It is ideal for professional and business needs, but it will also be convenient for home users, although it is not exactly cheap. Snagit allows you to capture and record your PC screen for a variety of purposes. The tool is available for around $50, but there is a free trial available that allows you to find out if Snagit is the best option for you. Snagit is worth considering if you have advanced requirements because it offers impressive editing capabilities, the possibility to set hotkeys and it also supports integration with cloud services.


This popular screen recording tool is trusted by users around the world and while it is fairly simple, it is one of the most effective options when it comes to recording and capturing your computer screen. This free software lest you record all the screen and audio activity on your PC and you can create AVI files. These AVI files can be turned into Streaming Flash videos (SWFs) with the help of the SWF Producer that CamStudio includes. You can obtain sound from multiple sources, hide your cursor and more.


nagit is TechSmith’s premium screen capturing tool, but the company also offers a free solution that will suit anyone who wants an effective and simple solution. Jing may not have as many features as Snagit, but it offers the necessary functionality to ensure that you can get satisfactory results when capturing videos. You can plan, record or share videos in just a few seconds. It should be noted that Jing may not be the ideal solution for major screen recording and capturing projects. However, it works well and will allow you to set up hotkeys and capture recordings faster.


Ezvid is a fantastic choice for YouTubers because it allows you to capture your screen and record videos that can be instantly uploaded to Google’s popular video platform. It features an integrated video editor, which means that you won’t need to get an external solution. Ezvid is trusted by users around the world and it has helped to create millions of videos for YouTube, Facebook and other popular platforms. The features available include speed control and speech synthesis. One of the best things about Ezvid is that it is free so it will be a practical options in multiple environments.


Camtasia is designed to make screen recording very simple and it also supports great video editing features. It is a powerful solution that simplifies the recording process and it allows you to record your computer screen without hassle. You can also import your own video footage and with the drag-and-drop editor you will be able to create remarkable videos and share them with anyone. Camtasia lets you add music, animations and captions to create fantastic videos that will keep your audience engaged. It supports integration with Google Drive and while it is an expensive premium solution, it is worth considering thanks to its powerful performance and advanced features.


Many people prefer open-source software due to the fact that it can be independently audited. Webinaria is an open-source screen capturing tool that provides great results. It allows you to create Flash videos of your Windows PC recordings and you can also add voice commentary with the help of the record feature. While Webinaria is not as feature-rich as other options such as Snagit and Camtasia, it supports some useful editing features including the possibility of adding text to your captures. You can also set some hotkeys with this free and open-source solution.

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