Best wireless chargers for smartphones

Dealing with wires can be frustrating and while nowadays there are many solutions that support wireless technology, charging devices is still require wires. At least that was the case for a long time, but things are changing and now there is a way to forget about wires while getting power back into your device. Now it is possible to charge your smartphone and portable devices without having to connect your smartphone directly to a wall socket. Although there are still some limitations (you will need to connect the wireless charger pad into a wall socket and make sure that the charging pad and the smartphone are not more than 4 cms away), there is a way to enjoy wireless technology when charging your device. This means that you have a bit more freedom if you receive a call or need to use your phone while it is being charged. You won’t need to disconnect it from the wall socket as you can simply take it from the pad and start using it while it charges. In this list, you will find some practical wireless chargers that offer remarkable features and that are compatible with the most popular devices in the market.

PowerBot PB1020

The PowerBot PB1020 is compatible with every device that supports Qi wireless charging standards, including Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC 8X, iPhone 6, Nokia Lumia 1020 and many more. It comes with an AC adapter, as well as two Micro-USB cables, which makes it a practical solution when you are looking for a universal Qi wireless charging pad. Its smart IC-based management system ensures that the input-output is balanced. You can get the PowerBot PB1020 in a variety of colors that can be selected according to your preferences.

CHOE UPGRADED Qi wireless charger

This is a sleek and practical wireless charger that like the other options in the list, is based on Qi technology, which is supported by smartphones. This charging solution from CHOE, doesn’t include an adapter, but you can connect it to any Micro USB adapter. It doesn’t come with a receiver, but it is compatible with devices that feature an additional receiver. It is important to keep in mind that if your phone has a protective case that is over 5mm thick, the charging may not work properly.

CHOE Stadium Qi Wireless Charger

The CHOE Stadium features an optimized and enhanced charging area that supports fast wireless charging without losing energy during the transmission. After placing your smartphone on the large surface, the three coil-based system starts charging pretty much instantly. The downside is that the CHOE Stadium doesn’t come with the AC cable or a Micro-USB cables and the manufacturer advises that the protective cases are removed in order to get the best results.

Samsung Mini Wireless Charging Pad

Many people rely on Samsung due to the extensive experience of this South Korean manufacturer and the quality and innovation of its products. If you have a Samsung phone and would like a charging pad that is set to work seamlessly with it, consider the Samsung Mini Wireless Charging Pad. It includes an AC adapter so you can easily connect it to the pad. It is advisable to use chargers that are over 2A to ensure optimal performance of the device.

RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad

The RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad is one of the best devices available and it is perfect for anyone who needs a portable wireless charger. It comes with its own USB cable so you will be able to connect the charging pad to your computer or power bank, but if you need to connect it to a wall socket, you need to purchase a separate AC adapter. Keep in mind that the protective case of your device has to be 5mm thick or less than that. It is also important to note that it may not be the vest option for large smartphones such as the iPhone 6.

Anker Ultra-slim Wireless Charging Pad

Anker Ultra-slim wireless charging pad is a fantastic device that works with pretty much every device that supports Qi technology. Apart from offering great design, the Anker Ultra-slim wireless charging features idle mode that ensures that energy is used effectively. In order to ensure that you can charge your device without hassle, it is advisable to remove the protective case if it is has a thickness over 5mm to ensure that the energy can be transferred seamlessly.

Itian Qi Wireless Charger

The Itian Qi Wireless Charger offers a fantastic design that focuses on offering the best possible performance. It is meant to avoid loss of energy while ensuring that the device remains in a safe position. It is a universal charging pad that can be used for any device that meets Qi wireless charging standards. Given that the charging pad uses three coils, the charging is set to work very well. There is also an AC adapter included, which makes it a convenient solution.

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