BlackBerry announces Android Marshmallow Priv program for customers

Beta testing programs for Android Marshmallow are becoming popular, particularly considering that there are more Android OEMs whose devices outsell Google’s Nexus line. Google delivers updates automatically to its Nexus devices quicker than all other manufacturers within Android, but this isn’t surprising — after all, Google is the owner of Android.

Unfortunately for other OEMs, resorting to beta testing software programs are the best way to keep the customer base satisfied and participatory. Samsung has already done it with its Android Marshmallow program, and now BlackBerry has decided to enter the fray.

The company announced on its own blog, Inside BlackBerry, that it is opening up a BlackBerry Priv Android Marshmallow program for Priv customers to be able to test the new Marshmallow software before it’s released to the consumer public:

If you’re one of the people who wants to see Marshmallow on your PRIV, we have great news. We’re kicking off the first beta program of the Android OS in BlackBerry Beta Zone. Starting today, we’re inviting PRIV owners to sign up now to participate in our Beta Zone program and contribute to testing Android 6.0 on PRIV. 

As with everything, though, there are a few caveats: First, you must have purchased a BlackBerry Priv from one of three places (Carphone Warehouse, Amazon, or ShopBlackBerry. You’ll have two weeks to register for BlackBerry’s new Android Marshmallow Priv program, and you may even be wait listed if demand is high. You’ll have to agree to provide diagnostic information to BlackBerry over the course of the program, and it’ll last for about 8 weeks.

Android Marshmallow brings features to the BlackBerry Priv such as App Standby (or App Optimization), Doze Mode, customized app permissions, Google Now On Tap that lets you “tap” to search words, people, places, things, etc., detailed battery stats, auto backup for apps, and security updates. BlackBerry says that its Android Marshmallow program will even allow users to test security updates — pretty neat, huh?

If you’re a proud BlackBerry Priv owner who meets these requirements, head on over to BlackBerry to register to join the Android Marshmallow Priv program. Let us know if you’ve registered and what you’re most excited about with the new Android Marshmallow beta testing program. Do you think all Android OEMs should do this?


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