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Best Board Game Travel Bags

Board games are best played during vacation with family and friends. However, when traveling we would want our board games to be kept in a good condition. We wouldn’t want our game boxes and its components such as cards, dice, little figurines lost or damaged. With this, whenever we travel with our board games we have the following questions:

  1. What is the best way to bring our board games?
  2. How to carry board games to game nights?
  3. How to carry board games from one place to another?

There are numerous options and ways to carry board games such as carrying them and using straps to keep your board game sturdy enough to carry.

Protecting your board games:

Does your board game bag need to be waterproof?

When going out with your board games, you would want them protected from rain or from water spills. However, if you are going to use a typical IKEA style bag, we highly discourage it as they do not offer any protection on the top part. It is wise though to use a bag with zip enclosure instead since it could cover the top of your board game. Moreover, it is suggested to use a bag with hand straps or shoulder straps that could accommodate and carry up to 55 pounds or 24 kg. Aside from that, it would be better if the board game bag that you will use have paddings. This way, the box of your board games will not be damaged easily.

What size of the board game carrying bag needs to be?

The size of your carrying bag is one of the most important factors you would need to consider in purchasing a protective carrying bag for your board games. For the size, you would want to buy something that is huge enough to fit the typical board game box sizes. Aside from that, you would also want to check how many board games it could accommodate at the same time you wouldn’t want something that is too big since this could affect the weight. With that said, it is also important to check if the bag straps are sturdy enough to support the weight of your board games.

Best Travel Board Games Carrying Bags:

1. Game Haul Board Game Carrying Bag (2nd Edition)

On May 2017, the Game Haul Board Game Carrying Bag, 2nd Edition first came out in the market and it is considered as one of the best board game carrying bags according to its customers. It comes with an upgraded 15mm padding which will definitely protect the box of your board games. Its stitching and zipper are made stronger compared to its 1st edition, original cajon drum

bag. Its shoulder straps are also padded which ensures comfort to anyone who will carry the bag. This board game bag could carry up to a maximum weight of 25lbs or 11.3 kg.

The size of this bag could accommodate up to six board games with measurements similar to game boxes of Ticket to Ride and Risk (12x12x13) and bigger boxes like Scythe (20.5 x 13 x 13”) could be packed vertically.

Best Features:

  • It is strong and durable
  • It is made of Polyester/nylon materials which are reinforced with stitching and thick padding.
  • Its shoulder straps are reinforced and are adjustable.
  • It could hold up to six 12x 12x13s

2. ChromaCast CC-CBAG-S Padded Cajon Bag

This bag was created specifically to carry Cajon Drums- an instrument from Peru. Cajon drums are usually made of wood and musicians usually look for this type and brand of bag to carry their instrument as they are assured that it could protect their instrument. Same as with board gamers, this bag is a great option for board games.

This bag could accommodate about six standard sized board games and for bigger or longer board games, you could stack them sideways. The bag comes with a 10mm padding which is perfect for protecting your board games. Its top handle and shoulder straps are made of rubber. It also comes with a front zipper which allows you to stack your games easily.

Best Features:

  • Strong and durable
  • Made of nylon and is strengthen with stitching and 10 mm padding
  • Adjustable reinforced shoulder straps
  • Could accommodate up to six 12x12x13 box sized board games.

3. Rothco Canvas Parachute Cargo Bag

The Rothco Canvas Parachute Cargo Bag is a huge sized bag that is perfect for your board games. It comes in different colors such as O.D, Black, Coyote, Navy Blue, ACU and Brown. Its size is about 24” X 15” X 13” which could fit about 12 to 15 standard sized board games. Though this bag does not come with shoulder straps, it is perfect for short trips. For longer trips, we highly recommend for you to add shoulder straps to this bag’s two loops found on each side of the bag.

Just a word of caution, this bag is not entirely waterproof but could be resistant to certain amount of rain.

Best Features:

  • Made of Cotton Canvas
  • Durable and made of high quality materials
  • Comes with reinforced web handles
  • Has a snap flap, full length Zipper
  • Cómodo
  • Asequible

4. Meini Percussion MSTCJB Standard or Professional Cajon Bag, Black

This bag is originally created for Cajon drums but it could also accommodate board games and could be used for travelling. It is a bit different from other board game bags as it opens up like a suit case.

This bag comes with a size of 12 x 12 x21 in. Since the bag opens up sideways, you could load your board games in a side way manner. It comes with pads which means your board games are safely packed inside. If you wish to use shoulder straps for this bag, it is available with this model.

Best Features:

  • Comes with padding with measurement of 20.5” long x 13” wide x 13” deep which could accommodate up to 6 standard sized board games.
  • Comes with exceptional protection
  • Made of durable materials such as nylon
  • Comes with a thick carrying grip and reinforced cross stitching and two-way zipper
  • Perfect for travel and storage
  • Comes with two-year warranty

5. USA GEAR Board Game Carrying Case

This game board bag is one of the most durable and strongest board game carrying cases. It is made of heavy duty hardware which comes with zipper and strap clasps. The outside part is made of heavy duty nylon and aside from the zipper pocket, this board game carrying case also includes a Velcro pocket on its front side.

The inside part is scratch-resistant and has pads that is perfect for keeping your board games safe. One side of this bag includes adjustable compartment dividers which you could put your board game accessories.

The main compartment comes with a measurement of 15” x 12” x 3”. This means, you will not be able to bring as much board games as the other bags mentioned in this list, but, you will be

able to bring smaller board games which could be placed in the accessory compartment. This bag offers a 3-year warranty.

Best Features:

  • Comes in durable design and it is created and made to last.
  • Customizable – it comes with two individual storage compartments where you could organize your game boards and accessories such as dice, cards, etc.
  • Comfortable and Portable- it is easy to carry and is very portable for travel. It shoulder strap is adjustable and padded.
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Offers 3-year manufacturer warranty

6. Game Night Bag

This bag is very affordable and at the same time is perfect for board games. This bag is larger than a shopping bag. It is about 15” tall 13” wide and 10” in depth. Though it is a bit small compared to other bags in this list, it is sturdy enough to carry 40 lbs.

Best Features:

  • Could carry about 4 to 5 board games
  • Strong enough to carry 40 lbs
  • Water resistant
  • Asequible
  • Easy to store

7. CleverMade CleverCrates 62 Liter Collapsible Storage Bin/Container

Though this last item is not a bag, it is perfect for protecting your board games. It is a crate which could be folded down to 2 to 3 inches when not in used. In it aside from your board games, you could also put groceries in it and put it at the back of your car.

It comes with measurements of 22L X 14W x 12H which could fit about 5 or 6 board games.

Best Features:

  • Space saver, collapsible. Reusable
  • Study bottom base and solid walls
  • Comfortable comes with side grip handles
  • Comes with interlocking nesting system which provides stability
  • Compact

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