30 Cool and Awesome Inventions

Inventions have always been part in the development of civilization and products are continuously being created and innovated to fill up gaps and provide wants and needs of mankind. With curiosity and purpose driven motivation, humans have invented numerous items, objects and products that have helped mankind and at the same time inspired others to create more items and trends.

Presently, it has been said that there are about 1.4 million patents granted by Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization recorded in 2017 and it is continuously increasing in numbers every year. With this said, it would be mind-blowing to take a look at all these inventions all at once, hence, we have decided to choose 30 of the best, cool, interesting and awesome inventions that will definitely intrigue you and will make you want to try them out.

The list that you will find in this article are mostly inventions under the category of technology.

1. OrCam MyMe – AI for Humans

This device is something you could use to balance your physical and digital social life. It is small and portable and it comes with an inbuilt smart facial recognition camera that is useful in terms of remembering an acquaintance’s or a co-worker’s name. Aside from that, this device lets you account the time you spend in socializing, use its compliant app to classify and organize them into groups such as work people, friends, family, etc. In addition to that, MyMe monitors and captures the time you usually spend in front of a screen. This feature will help you cut out unneeded screen time and lets you focus more.

2. Smart Buckle

With the invention of smartwatches, don’t you just miss that classic and old analog wristwatch look? Good news as you could now combine technology and the classic look of an analog watch through Smart Buckle.

Smart Buckle could turn your old watch into a smart fitness tracker. Once you have attached it to any watch strap, it will start to analyze your daily activities such as your step count and sleep data as well.

3. Snore Circle

Snoring, aside from it being an annoyance and disturbance to others, it also could be a cause of some diseases. It is, in fact, caused by restricted airflow in the throat. To break this habit and for better and peaceful sleep, Snore Circle is your best bet. It is a gadget that uses audio and bone conduction that will sense whenever you snore. Once it detects snoring, it will send micro signals to your brain that will eliminate and reduce snoring. Aside from monitoring snoring activity, this device also checks the quality of your sleep.

4. NANO1 – Astronomy Camera


This device is the smallest astronomy camera that stargazers will surely enjoy. Not only it allows its users to see the heavens, it also could capture the wonders of the sky. In addition to that, this device is so small, you could bring it anywhere you go. It could capture about 25 times more light compared to the human eye. NANO1 could be connected to your smartphone through the use of a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

5. SiB – Simple Internet Connected Button

SiB means simple internet connected button. It is a small cube that comes with programmable button which could be connected to other smart devices or sensors. This device lets you control your smart doorbell, detect a leak, monitor your plants, check the temperature and even text someone in your behalf. It also comes in multicolored lights which will notify you the strength of your WiFi.

6. ATOMIC Pi – alternative to Raspberry Pi


If you are into tiny, small computers and yet would like to avoid Raspberry Pi because of its low power, then, ATOMIC Pi could be your great ally. This little one comes with an Intel Atom CPU that comes with 1.92GHz, full sized HDMI, Ethernet, audio, heat sink and USB 3.0 ports. In short, ATOMIC Pi is a 10cm X 13cm logic board that is considered as an inbuilt dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0 and the most amazing thing about this invention is it only cost less than $35.

7. iMicro

For aspiring scientists who would want a portable microscope, iMicro is something you should check out. It comes with small layers of lenses and like other zoom lenses for smartphones, this invention could be hooked to your smartphone’s lens and once you do, you will be able to use a 100x magnification digital zoom.

8. Solar Roadways

This invention is also known as solar panels which could be used for driveways, pave roads and sidewalks. These solar wafers are protected by layers of shatter proof Gorilla Glass which could produce electricity. These come in hexagonal panels which could be replaced easily. This invention could be programmed electronically to produce specific markings on the road.

9. Enomad Uno – Portable Water Power Generator

Enomad Uno

This invention is a source of renewable energy. It is known as a portable hydel power generator that comes with a tiny propeller. Its main purpose is to convert kinetic energy of moving water into micro-electricity. In addition to that, it also has a small LED light and a USB port where you could charge your smartphone and other electronic devices.

10. Dolfi – Washing Device

Taking out stains could be challenging but through this invention, Dolfi, this task is no longer daunting. It offers ultrasonic solutions that knocks off dirt from your clothes. All you have to do is fill up its bucket with water and detergent.

11. Bimoz – ebike


Nowadays, people are starting to become health conscious and with this, bicycles are also starting to become more popular. Fortunately, bicycles also have started to evolve into electronic. This means, electronic bicycles come with 250W battery pack which weighs less than 2 kg. This invention could be partnered with a compatible app which could monitor your GPS location, connection with your friends and your track routes.

12. Eyelights – First Holographic Car Assistant

With Eyelights being invented, you could now say goodbye to being distracted from the road whenever you need and want to interact with your infotainment system. This technology uses a holograph instead of the normal display information of the car’s vital stats, maps and many more. Through Eyelights, your attention will be kept on the road instead of your infotainment system. All you have to do is to wave your hand and your system will automatically give what you need.

13. Padrone Ring

Mice is one of the most necessary products needed whenever you are using a laptop or a computer. Padrone Ring is another invention that will make your life easier. It is small and is worn on your finger as a ring which could serve as a computer mouse. It could connect to any device through Bluetooth and it allows clicking and scrolling gestures. The Padrone Ring is waterproof and comes in 12 different sizes.

14. Hoversurf


Hoversurf is a quadcopter superbike that could take off and land on any concrete surface and it comes with a speed of 60 miles per hour. Its body is made of carbon fiber which means it is very light. This superbike has been adopted by Dubai Police.

15. Hi Mirror Mini

Who would have thought that mirrors could be smart too? Well, HiMirror has proved that it could also make mirrors smart. This product could analyze your face in 8 different ways- fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, complexion, roughness and many more. Once the mirror has analyzed your face, it will provide you advices on how you will improve your skin.


LUMZAG is a smart bag that offers you the best security for all of your belongings inside your bag. It also includes an inbuilt 10,000mAh power bank. In addition to that, it has a rear view camera which could also provide you a full picture of what’s happening behind you real time. It also has a GPS feature which lets you know where your bag is in case it gets stolen. As for its inside, the bag comes with an inbuilt light that will aid you in looking for your things. This bag includes anti-theft features as well.

17. US: E

US:E is a camera equipped smart lock with facial recognition. This technology ensures that your home is safe from being entered by people you don’t know and from being robbed. This smart lock offers six different methods of unlocking your door- basic key, passcode access, fingerprint, key fob, smartphone and face recognition.

18. CleanseBot

CleanseBot is a bacteria killing robot. This tiny, small device could be used in cleaning your bed. It could disinfect your bed from pathogens and bacteria like E. coli. It is packed with 18 AI

backed smart modes and has UV lights that will sanitize not only your bed as well as the air in your room. This device is portable and could be brought for your trips.

19. Cubinote

Cubinote lets you print anything you wish on your colored sticky notes. This printer allows you to connect through Bluetooth or WiFi. The most amazing thing about this technology is you could print even without ink and it works on heat-sensitive paper.

20. Nybble

Nybble is an open source robot that looks like a cat. This robot could sit, walk and stand. It could also learn new tricks. Also, this robot is not really fully-fledged on as its goal is to teach its users and kids to assemble, program and hack.

21. Naga 3D Headphones

The 3D headphones come with active noise cancellation and it offers no problem with having to charge them as it is a 3D analog sound output. Aside from that, this technology has the ability to charge itself through solar energy.

22. KEY-X

KEY-X is a smart keyboard that is specifically made for specially-abled people. Its individual keys have a cluster of letters and the keys are also soft to touch as well. This product could be connected to any device through USB and supports other accessories like smart eye detector and many more.

23. PWR 27

Whenever you are traveling, one of the most essential things you will need is a full battery and if your battery dies, we know for sure, you will feel powerless. With PWR 27, you no longer will have to worry as PWR 27 is a compact sized power bank that has a 27,000mAh capacity. It is dust and waterproof and could be dropped up to 1000 feet. It is also capable of charging up to 5 devices and has an AC output.

24. Unagi


Unagi is an ultimate electric scooter that is made of magnesium and is very lightweight. Its tires are puncture-proof. In addition to that, this scooter comes with LED display that notifies you of your battery status. Unagi is also huge on safety and is considered as one of the most ergonomic urban transports.

25. Rone Mini Heater

During winters, it is inevitable to have heating equipment in our homes. However, these often times come in bulky and huge sizes. With Rone, you will no longer have that problem of having to look for space in your house for a bulky heater. Rone is small and tiny in size and comes in multiple speed options. It is also quiet and is very portable.

26. Geopress Purifier

Whenever you are off-grid, clean water is scarce and is a major challenge. Thus, the best solution for this situation is for you to have filters that will and could save your life. Through Geopress purifier, you will have a portable filter that comes with activated carbon filter which will remove disease causing viruses, protozoan, bacteria and other chemical impurities. In addition to that, not only will you be able to purify your water, you will also be assured that diseases like Rotavirus and Hepatitis A could be prevented.

27. Hover 2

The use of a Hover 2 offers to capture important memories without having much intervention from humans. It is a drone that could capture 4K videos from all angles. It could also detect obstacles and dodge them. It is lightweight and could be foldable.


NATEDE is an air purifier that could remove any suspended particles, microbes and even pet dander without the use of too much energy. This air purifier relies on airflow through your plants indoor and photocatalytic filter. Through NATEDE you could be assured that your room is 99% bacteria free.


PANZERBOARD is an electric skateboard that lets you have fun and at the same conserve mother-nature. This skateboard offers two acceleration modes and comes with a remote. In addition to that, it motor is very powerful and could be considered as a mean machine.

30. Levia

Levia is a levitating lightbulb that uses electromagnetic induction. It comes amazing look and is made carefully with the thought of you might accidentally knock the bulb off. It is made of genuine Italian Marquina/ Carrara marbles.


31. 5G

5G has been creating noise in the mobile communications industry. 5G ensures you will be able to access network speeds with the range of gigabits per second. This means, you will be able to send and also receive information in the blink of an eye. Through it, you will also be able to subscribe to a gaming service and play hardware intensive games on your smartphone or tablet. In addition to that, through 5G, communication between machines will be enhanced in speed and in productivity.

32. Li-Fi

Light Fidelity or Li-Fi is a network protocol which could replace our beloved WiFi system. Unlike WiFi that uses radio waves, Li-Fi uses electromagnetic signals like ultraviolet or infrared waves. Li-Fi is faster and more reliable compared to WiFi. It is predicted that LiFi will grow starting 2021.

33. Quantum Computing

In the coming years, it is seen that quantum computing will take the world by storm. Through this technology, standard bits will be replaced by quantum bits or qubits which could be in the on-state and off-state as well. This means, your computer could make quicker decisions and will make a regular computer into a supercomputer.


With a world that is continuously developing, numerous inventions are also continuously being developed, created and launched. We hope we were able to entertain and educate you of some inventions that could and would help you make your lives comfortable and easy.

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