Coral Blue Galaxy Note 7 leaks with color S Pen

We’ve been told that the Galaxy Note 7 will come in three colors, Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, and Blue Corral, and we’ve seen both the Silver Titanium and Black Onyx leak. Now, however, the Coral Blue Galaxy Note 7 has leaked, showing off not only a color S Pen but providing something of a twist for potential Note 7 buyers.

Famous leakster Evan Blass, a.k.a. evleaks, is back with another photo in his own column regarding Samsung’s decision to go with the dual edge design and ditch the idea of a next-generation, flat Galaxy Note device for the first time in the Note’s history. The picture, having not been released or seen prior to now, shows the Galaxy Note 7 (as can be seen by way of the dual-edge design) in the new Coral Blue color. Samsung also has a Coral Blue S Pen to match the Coral Blue Galaxy Note 7, showing that the company will go all out to make the Galaxy Note 7 the most fashionable high-end smartphone on the market.

The Coral Blue Galaxy Note 7 shows us two other design changes, apart from the addition of a new color: first, the microphone on the Note 7, as opposed to the preceding Galaxy Note 5, has been moved from one side of the bottom speaker grille (close to the S Pen on the Note 5) to the other side of the grille on the Coral Blue Galaxy Note 7.

In addition to the fashionable Coral Blue Galaxy Note 7, we can also see that a new rumor says the device will be eligible for underwater writing. Now, what this means is that, whereas the current Galaxy Note 5 lets you write but has no IP water and dust resistance, the new Galaxy Note 7 with its IP68 water and dust resistance will possibly have an underwater writing mode that’ll let Galaxy Note 7 buyers write with the S Pen “under the sea” when going for a swim. Apparently, the S Pen will also gain water and dust resistance protection as well so that they will face no damage when using them in a pool or lake.

The Coral Blue Galaxy Note 7 looks gorgeous and will be even more gorgeous when it arrives on the market to be purchased and held by consumers.

What do you think? Do you like this new Coral Blue color? Intend to pick it up? Feel free to sound off in the comments.


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