Best Dating Apps for Young People in India

For a long time, casual dating has always been shunned by Indians. However, time has moved, and things have changed. Dating is no longer a taboo in India. This has led to the increase of online dating apps in the country. It is now easy for Indian singles to find that special connection. Choosing the best dating app out of all the dating apps available can be a hard task. Well, worry not, as we have prepared a list of the best dating apps for young people in India. 


One of the most popular dating apps in the world, Tinder entered the Indian arena recently. It has one of the largest online user bases for people searching for love or flings. Tinder’s main selling point is that it can connect you with a match in seconds. 

The app has some super features like the super-like option and mutual friends, which makes it seem social. It also offers varied options to give users personalized dating experience. Tinder allows you to either set your profile to be discovered by new people or remain in contact with the people you have liked only. Additionally, you can filter your search results based on factors such as age and location. Users may also choose to view men or women, making it perfect for women seeking men in India

Truly Madly

This is a homegrown dating app. It is specifically made for Indian singles and boasts one of the largest user bases in India. Truly Madly is the best alternative to Tinder for Indians. With this app, you can filter results on the basis of age, distance, and interests. It also allows users to upload videos which allows them to express themselves better.


You will agree that not everybody is looking for their match with just about anybody, right? That’s where Woo comes in. Woo is a dating app that focuses on well-educated singles. With its powerful features such as Voice Intro, Direct Messaging, Tag Search and Question Cast, Woo dating app can be quite engaging for users. 


OkCupid gives better-refined matches based on your passion and interests, such as sexual orientation. With OkCupid, you can eliminate probable matches based on things you dislike. This dating app strives to eliminate the guesswork in match-making and chances of finding a person who you actually connect with are very high.


Unlike other dating apps that match with complete strangers, Hinge follows a unique path to match you with your friends, friends of friends and 3rd-degree friends. It uses your Facebook profile to find probable matches. The idea behind this dating app is that it is highly likely that the friend of your friend has the same personality as you. 


Badoo is one of the largest online dating apps in the world, with a presence in 190 countries and a user base of over 400 million users. What’s better? Badoo is available in over 40 languages. Badoo is similar to Tinder, but it has more detailed interests and preferences to help you find the perfect match. 

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