Does Earn TalkTime and Data App Really Work on Android?

Getting recharge credits for free talk time in exchange for simple tasks performed are quite popular nowadays. With this, we became curious and started to do some research and we did some exploring of apps related to getting free talk time from credits and fortunately, we came across an app called Earn Talktime created by RationalHeads technologies. Since this app has impressed us, we have decided to dig into the app and make a feature about it.

Earn Talktime is available in play store and has about 10 million users around the world. It comes with an impressive rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. This only means that this app has also caught other’s interest and has been relied by many.

How to Earn Talk Time Credits?

1. Joining Bonus

Just by joining and having your mobile phone verified, you will already get a joining bonus of Rs 20 credits credited to your account. How generous could Earn Talk Time get right? Just have your number verified and you will already get some credits because of it.

2. Filling Out Your Profile

Now that you have had your mobile number verified, the next step for you to be able to earn credits and before you could make any transactions in this app, you will need to complete your profile by filling out your date of birth, income, marital status, profession and so on, so forth.

3. Downloading Applications

Earn TalkTime comes and offers a list of third party applications. To earn more credits, you will have the option to download some of the applications listed. Once you have downloaded an app, you will be notified that you were rewarded with credits and how many credits were given to you.

4. Reading Horoscope and Watching Videos

Earn TalkTime randomly rewards about 5000 random users who reads horoscope or watch videos/movies with 1 to 5 Rs.

5. Social Media

Another way you could earn credits is by inviting your friends to download this app through your social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and even SMS. Once your friend has accepted your invitation, you will earn about 35 Rs.

How to Use/Redeem Your Credits?

You could redeem all the credits that you have earned through a postpaid, prepaid mobile recharge. You could also recharge through your DTH account.

Challenges that You Might Encounter When Using TalkTime:

1. Earned Credits Have Not Been Credited to Your Account

If you have completed all tasks and yet Rs credits have not been credited to your account, the best thing you could do is to contact Earn TalkTime’s support team. How to contact them could be found on the app’s menu.

2. Slow Internet Connection Popup

There have been reports of “slow internet connection” notification popping out once in a while even when you are using a fast fiber optic connection. These popup notifications could get really annoying and frustrating.

3. Google Play Store Does Not Open

There are times when you have done a certain tasks of downloading apps to earn credits, Google Play Store sometimes Google Play Store does not open whenever you would like to select another task.

4. Speed of Crediting Your Earned Credits

There are times that even you have complete a task, your earned credits will not be credited to your account right away. Sometimes it would take hours before you get them.


Though this app does not really work as they have advertised it to be, it is found to be very useful to many and we still highly recommend you to try it. Let us know how it goes by commenting below.

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