Engadget Holiday Gift Guide 2014

With the Holidays quickly all except the most disciplined of us who already started, will be gearing up for the Holiday gift buying rush. Today, Engadget released their yearly gift guide and they’ve undone themselves in terms of design. It may seem a little confusing at first as you’re just presented with a lineup of items but after exploring for a few seconds it becomes evident that all the elements featuring a blue dot are clickable. Clicking on one of these items brings up an attractive products page which shows items corresponding to the category you’ve chosen and features a brief description, photo, and buy link for each. Having worked in web design several years I feel this is a well thought out presentation that breaks the monotonous formula of lists and simple picture galleries. If however you prefer a simpler interface there is an option to switch to a standard list view.

Some of the more memorable items included in the list include next generation consoles, personal computers and mobile devices under “The Essentials” category. Toys and Games for the children in your life can be found under “Child’s Play”. There’s plenty of stuff to choose from for the foodie or car aficionado with categories like “In the kitchen” or “On the Road”. And finally, my personal favorite category, “Things You Didn’t Know You Needed” which is perfect for those of you who know one of those people who have everything! Things featured in this category include stuff like vintage cameras, the Roomba automatic vacuum, and light fixture with color control technology for when you wanna get the mood just right.

All in all it’s a great place to start when looking for holiday inspiration; particularly for the more tech savvy people in your life. Stay tuned to AptGadget as we continue to bring you the best holiday guides and deals from around the internet!


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