What is the best gps location track app for parents to monitor kids

Nowadays, safety is one of the most important priorities for parents especially now that it is hard to trust anyone with anything. As parents you would want to give and try everything right for your child and your child’s future.

You might have been in a situation where your child went out and is not home at their usual time and you get worried sick if they are at the right and safe place or they have gone to unknown place where it is not good for him or her. With this situation, you would wonder if giving your child a smartphone or gadget would do good or would do bad especially in nurturing their developing minds.

Well, now you do not have to worry as there are apps that could help you guide your child in using his/her smartphone and one app that we highly recommend is FamiSafe parental control app. Through FamiSafe, you will be able to monitor your children’s online activities, limit the time that they spent on their phones and check where they are. This app is designed perfectly for children under 18 years old.

Famisafe not only works on iPhone but also on Android using android location tracking.

FamiSafe Key Features

Real-Time Locations

One of the most important features that FamiSafe offers is its real time location where it provides you information about your child’s current location using gps location tracing together with current battery percentage and mapping. Moreover, you could also check the history locations of where they have been or which places they visit most often. Also, through FamiSafe phone tracker app, you could create Geo-fences where you get notified whenever they enter or leave a specific place-for example, school, home, etc.

Smart Schedules

You could set limitation and timing when they could use their device. You could set the time duration, location and date or day when they cannot use their phones. Once you have set a smart schedule, the device will automatically block the things you would like to block, depending on the settings that you have set.

Screen Time

With screen time, you will know the target time and how long has the phone been active. You could also limit the screen ex. For ten minutes of active usage after 10 minutes your child will not be able to access any apps anymore.

App Blocker

Through this feature, you could decide which apps your child is allowed to use and which are not allowed. You could set timers how long you do not want them to use the app and in case your child tries to run a blocked app, you will be notified.

Web Filter

Web Filter helps in stopping your child from using unnecessary sites whether from adult content or illegal content. You could also make exceptions for other sites by providing URL for the site and mark it whether you will block it or allow it.

Browser History

You could keep an eye on what your kid is surfing through the internet by checking the browser history. This service, however is only available on Android devices.

Activity Report

This feature will provide you details about which app was opened and how long it was used. Again, unfortunately, it is available on Android only.

For you to be able to use all of FamiSafe’s features, you will need to subscribe to their premium plan.

FamiSafe Installation and Setup

FamiSafe is available on both Android and iOS.

For Parent’s Device

1. Download and install the app from Play Store , from App Store or on Amazon.

2. Sign in with your email add and set your password

3. Read the quick information about usage

4. Tap on Start.

5. Choose who is using the device. Tap parent.

6. Select which platform your kid’s smartphone is. Is it Android or iOS?

For your child’s device

Sign in with the same FamiSafe account that you have created on your device. Follow the steps as mentioned above except for number 5. Instead of parent, choose kid then enter his/her name and age and allow all requested permissions asked by the app.

FamiSafe User Interface and Usage Review

To track the activity of your childs phone, open FamiSafe app, you will find 4 tabs. Its different features could be seen at the bottom. The home icon will show you the current location on the Google maps together with the battery percentage. 2nd tab will show you other features such as history, web filter, location, Geo-fences and many more. Tap on each option to explore what each feature could do. 3rd tab, on the other hand, includes notifications on usage of your kid’s device. 4th tab has your account settings, devices which are connected and other more option regarding the app. Its user interface is simple and easy to use.


FamiSafe offers free three-day trial period.

There are three subscription plans- 1 month, 3 months and one whole year.

Pros and Cons


– Battery percentage

– Real-time phone tracking with location history

– Block negative content

– Monitor unlimited devices

– Manage apps usage

– Set device usage times


– Only 3-day trial with limitations

– No option to track calls details or messages


One of the most important priorities of parents is the children’s safety and one way to protect them is by monitoring and controlling your child’s activities online. Through FamiSafe, not only you will be able to do this but you will also be able to track the cell phone of your child. Aside from that, this app also allows you to check all of your child’s call details and messages as well. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and ensure your child’s safety at all times.

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