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How to fix built-in iSight camera not working on MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro comes with a build-in camera known as iSight and if you are having issues with it, you can find a solution here. You may have noticed that the camera was working well, but after a while it may have stopped, even if the green light remains on. If you try to open Photo booth or other apps, you may get error messages like: “No iSight Camera Detected”, “Camera not connected”, or “There is no camera connected”. Here we will tell you what you can do to get the issue resolved.

In order to fix the issue with the iSight camera on MacBook Pro, you need to open Terminal and enter the below command:

sudo killall VDCAssistant

Once you type this command, the camera software will restart. This will fix the issue in the vast majority of cases. Then you can reopen Skype or similar apps to check that the camera is working.

Other alternatives that you can consider to solve the problem are listed here:

  • Reset SMC
  • Perform a back up on your Time Machine.
  • Uninstall some audio software that you don’t need.
  • Repair permissions using Disk utility

In some cases, the issue is related to the hardware. It is important that you check the device warranty status and that you bring your Mac to the service center if needed. It is possible that you need to replace the full screen in order to get the iSight camera to work as it should.

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