Best Free Kalimba Tuning Apps

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro with Kalimba, you would need to have your instrument always in tune. You do not need to worry much as looking for a tuner is not a real challenge. If you have a standard tuner, you could use that. However, if you want something easier, we recommend for you to download an app for your phone and keep your Kalimba in tune whenever you wish to play.

The good news is there are free apps which you could download. This means you do not have to shell out a single cent. Though this is the case, ensure that before you download, check if it is a chromatic tuner. There are some guitar tuners that allow you to tune on a specific pitch, if that is the case, unfortunately, you will not be able to use this to tune your Kalimba.

Fine Chromatic Tuner

This app is compatible with frequencies between 70 to 550 Hz. This means you will not have to worry about tuning your kalimba with this app. Aside from that this app is offered for free. They also offer additional options. The app is easy to use and it works on other guitar and instrument tuners. The screen would display its exact frequency which makes it easier for you to tune your instrument to the right pitch.

Pano Tuner

This tuner is known for being rated as one of the best apps found on App Store and Google Play Store. It is designed classically which would remind you of vintage amplifiers. This tuner works by listening to the sounds that you will play then it will show you the pitch. This app is reliable, responsive and quick. Furthermore, since it is a chromatic tuner, it would work well on any instrument which means it would also work on Kalimbas as well. Moreover, through this app, you will be able to adjust concert-A frequency, change sensitivity and many more. If you are looking for easy tune app, this app is a great option.

Boss Tuner

This tuner has been in the industry for a long time. They have different products such as pedals and processors. This app, however, is a digital version of chromatic tuner. All you need to do is install it on your phone. They also offer hands-free tuning for different instruments. This tuning range is A#0 (29,14 Hz to G8 or 6,271.93 Hz). The good thing about this app is that it does not force you to tune to a specific pitch.

CarlTune – Chromatic Tuner

If you are more into vocal exercises, CarlTune is a perfect app for you. It also works on kalimba and offers all-in-one view. It is easy to navigate and easy to use. You could see easily the frequency, octave, note and keyboard. This app comes with presets which allows you to change and adjust according to your preference. This tuner is offered for free and if you wish for ad-free app, you will have to subscribe to its paid version.

Pitched Tuner

This tuner is chromatic which means it allows its users to keep their piano in tune without any difficulties. It is easy to use and navigate. Kalimba users often prefer this app. It is offered for free and it is perfect for beginners.


This tuner is offered for free. Its free version offers basic features and it allows you to pay for additional services. It has the ability to eliminate background noise and according to its users, it is accurate and it could easily tune your kalimba. It also works for other instruments. Its tuning range is between C0 and B8.


This option is popular and it has about 10 million downloads. Through this app you will be able to tune any instrument and it could also be used on Kalimba. It is responsive and precise. It is simple to use and its interface is clean. This app comes with an auto-sensitivity feature. This means, you would not have to worry about configuring this app. Its display is easy to read as well and its color changes depending on the pitch you are on. The range of DaTuner is between 8 kHZ and 48 kHz.

Tuner Lite by Piascore

This app is another great option for kalimba. This app is being used by over 10 thousand musicians. It is considered as the ultimate chromatic tuner by most users. It is easy to use and is designed for both beginners and experienced players. Through this app, you could adjust the tine on your Kalimba and it comes with additional settings.


This is the go to choice by many. It is easy to use and it is offered for free. It comes with different built-in instruments and it allows you to custom tune. This app is known for being reliable and accurate.

Best Tuner

This tuner has proven itself to be really good. It is precise and it is easy to use. It is chromatic and it is designed for professional musicians. It comes with three modes: auto, sound and play. It also allows you to tune your instrument to a specific pitch.


That concludes our article on best free kalimba tuning apps. We hope that we were able to provide you ample useful information which will help you choose the best app that would best suit your needs.

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