Galaxy Note 7 replacement could come in October

The Galaxy Note 7 has had a bit of bad luck as of late. A device that was released last month and selling out of its new Blue Coral color in stores worldwide has now been recalled due to what the Korean giant says was a case of battery cell issues. The company insists that Galaxy Note 7 customers return their devices to either their carrier or Samsung as soon as possible in exchange for a new one with a well-performing battery. The Galaxy Note 7 replacement issue has been a big deal, all over the Web, with some stories even claiming that a 6-year-old was burned with a Galaxy Note 7. Turns out the kid was burned with a Galaxy Core Prime from 2014, a phone that’s completely separate in nature (and could’ve exploded due to issues of its own).

The hysteria surrounding the Galaxy Note 7 return is great, but Samsung has said that it’s working hard to bring the Note 7 back to stores as quickly as it can. As of a few days ago, Samsung sent an announcement to Australian customers, with a claim that its Galaxy Note 7 replacement stock would arrive on September 21st:

Samsung Electronics Australia can confirm replacement stock of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone will be available to customers in Australia from September 21…we would like to thank our loyal customers for their patience, and apologize for the inconvenience. We have been working hard to get the amazing Galaxy Note 7 back in the hands of our customers to continue to enjoy.

The Galaxy Note 7 replacement for Australian customers will arrive in a matter of days, but US customers will have to wait until October (the likely month, though the exact date of the Galaxy Note 7 replacement stock arrival is unknown).

One thing that is a positive in this is that Samsung has done what few top tech companies do: it has owned up to its responsibility and acknowledged this honest mistake. Apple, Google, and a number of other companies rarely, if ever, go on record as humbly acknowledging their responsibility. The Antennagate, Purple Haze Controversy, and even the dreadful iPhone 6 Plus “Bendgate” issues are a testimony that Samsung is a rare company in the top companies worldwide that has gone on record admitting its mistake. And it also turns out that customers who got a Note 7 can’t wait for the Galaxy Note 7 replacement and are anxiously awaiting the world-class phone’s return.

Those who want a Galaxy Note 7 replacement should confer with the carrier (and the exact retail store) from which they received it, and those who purchased their Note 7 from Samsung should contact Samsung from instructions on how to proceed.

What steps have you taken (if any) for your Galaxy Note 7 replacement?


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