Especificaciones Galaxy Note 7: IP68, 64 GB, microSD, SAMOLED

The Galaxy Note 7 specs, as was the case with the Galaxy Note 5, have been in flux and debate since the device started getting rumored in the press. While most tech diehards figured Samsung would bring back the microSD card in the next-generation Note because they brought it back in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, but other factors such as the IP68-certified water and dust resistance would be firsts for the Galaxy Note line. Prior to now, Samsung said that it wouldn’t bring IP68 water and dust protection to the Note lineup because it was deemed a business professional device. Now, though, with a desire to sweep the market this Fall as the company has already done this year, Samsung is finally going in the reverse and bringing a feature (IP68) that many consumers have clamored for in what is considered to be the premier phablet on the market.

Evan Blass has had his hands busy today: first, he confirmed the moniker of the upcoming Note, followed by a confirmation of the eye (iris) scanner. Now, he’s back to confirm many Galaxy Note 7 specs that we’ve been wondering about — putting an end to much of the speculation and giving us a much clearer picture of what to expect come early Fall when Samsung unveils the next Galaxy. Let’s dig into the Galaxy Note 7 specs.

Galaxy Note 7 specs confirmed by evleaks

First on the list of Galaxy Note 7 specs is the IP68 water and dust resistance. IP68 is nearly as perfect as it gets when it comes to water and dust resistance. Few devices have more protection than IP68 (that’s because it’s hard to top this, really, when it comes to element resistance). The HTC 10 has IP53 splash resistance, but there’s little dust protection promised for the Taiwanese maker’s device — meaning that HTC customers can’t take their phones in the water or the shower, really. HTC warns against the practice.

Next on the list of Galaxy Note 7 specs is 64GB of storage. Galaxy Note phablets of the past and present have had a base storage amount of 32GB, but Samsung is changing that this year. Last year, Samsung eliminated 16GB models from the Galaxy S series, bringing a minimum storage amount of 32GB to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, and sticking with 32GB for the Galaxy Note 5. This year, however, since the Galaxy S line has been given double its original storage, the Korean giant will finally give the double storage treatment to the Galaxy Note lineup with 64GB as the base storage capacity in the Galaxy Note 7. Some customers have complained that even 32GB is too small a storage amount for more tech-savvy users who use their devices for more than just family holiday photos, and the Korean giant is finally listening to this grievance and meeting it head on. We’re excited about 64GB of storage out of the box.

The microSD card will also make a comeback, thanks to Samsung’s hard work in making the microSD storage play nicely with its UFS 2.0 flash storage in the device that provides faster read/write data speeds than ever before. With this combo of faster flash storage and microSD storage, consumers don’t have to compromise speed and performance or storage capacity. The microSD storage return is a tipping of the hat to consumers who really wanted the microSD card slot in the Galaxy Note 5 and likely didn’t purchase the device because of its absence.

To add to all these Galaxy Note 7 specs, Samsung’s Super AMOLED display will remain (which really isn’t a shock to anyone who’s been paying attention to this field for some time), and Samsung will also implement an eye scanner (iris scanner) into the device — allowing you to unlock the Galaxy Note 7 without using your fingerprint.

These Galaxy Note 7 specs make for one juicy device (not to be eaten, but to be enjoyed) that will arrive this Fall. Samsung is all set to unveil the Galaxy Note 7 specs and all on August 2nd, 2016, in New York City. Get ready for the next Galaxy.


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