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Games Like WeeWorld

WeeWorld is a virtual game where you could meet new people and friends. It allows you to create a game character that looks like you. This game comes with wonderful items which you could use to design your place and invite your newly acquainted friends for a party. There are also different locations such as the beach where your character could relax, swim and chat with friends.

This game is very popular and fun to play with but there are also other games that are similar to WeeWorld that you could enjoy too.

1. OurWorld

In OurWorld, you could create a 2D avatar version of yourself. In this game you will be able to play and hangout with kids from all over the glove. You can mingle around, chat with anyone and earn tokens or virtual cash in its mini games. With your money, you could buy clothes to dress your avatar.

2. Club Penguin

Club Penguin comes with occasional events and parties. As a penguin in the game, your home is an igloo which could be decorated. You will be provided a pet in this game which you will have to take care of. In this game you will be able to meet new friends and add them to your buddy list.

3. Meez

Created by Donnerwood media, Meez allows you to create a 3D character that will represent you. In this game there are different themed places like outlands, hell’s kitchen, etc where you could party. Through Meez, you could have new friends whom you could chat with, share links to movies or videos.

4. Bin Weevils

In BinWeevils you could explore and go an adventure as a six-legged bug. You will have a home in this game where you could rest. There are daily tasks or challenges that will be provided and once you have accomplished one, you could go to the next level.

5. Panfu

In this game you will go as a cute Panda and clothe your panda as you would wish it would look. This game allows you to have fans coming from social networking which makes this game a great place to meet and chill. You could chat with your panda-mates and have your own pet. This game is recommended not only to kids but to all kinds of age group.

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