Get your LG G5 fix on with these new wallpapers!

The LG G5 has yet to go on sale, with pre-orders around the corner though not yet. And yet, we know that some customers in the US are dying to get the LG G5 in their hands. Well, US Cellular customers will see LG’s latest flagship on April 1st, and Canada will see the LG G5 on April 8th, with US Cellular pre-orders starting on March 28th. For many of you, that’s still about a week away. We know the suspense is killing you, particularly when you consider that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are already on sale.

The bad news in this is that we can’t magically force the LG G5 to go on sale tomorrow (although we’d do it if it were in our control), but here’s what we can do: we can give you a little taste of what you have to look forward to. With that said, we now have gotten our hands on some of the new LG G5 wallpapers you’ll see on the new handset, so that you can rock something about the LG G5 now rather than later.

We’ve provided a few of them below, though there are a few others you can take a look at by visiting the source link below. We don’t have to tell you again about the specs and features of the LG G5, though LG says you can always check the LG Newsroom if you need to know. We can tell you that you can expect a modular design, removable battery, dual cameras, as well as accessories like a Cam Plus controller/auxiliary battery, LG 360 VR headset, and much more. The LG G5 will cost you around $672 in the US full price (according to Verizon Wireless), though carriers are offering their own freebies with the handset that just may get you to make the jump. We can’t blame you if you find the Verizon Galaxy S7/Galaxy S7 edge deal with a free Gear S2 smartwatch even more tempting, however.

Take a look below and then hit the source link for more info. Tell us which wallpapers you downloaded and what you look forward to doing with your LG G5.

LG G5 wallpaper 1 LG G5 wallpaper 2 LG G5 wallpaper 3 LG G5 wallpaper 4 LG G5 wallpaper 5


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