Google announces Certification Program for Cardboard manufacturers

Google today announced a new certification program for all cardboard manufacturers by which Google will certify any cardboard manufacturer’s headset design which follows the guidelines set by Google. This certification will allow manufacturers to develop headsets within the described limits so that it is easier for end user to select any Cardboard clone they want regardless of its size, scale and dimensions.

The idea behind this certification program is to bring all cardboard manufacturers under one roof and provide base instructions for everyone who wants to produce a cardboard headset. Google has also created a tool for certified manufacturers with which they can generate different headset profiles which will be placed on the headset in the form of QR code. This QR code will then be scanned by the Cardboard app which will adjust apps built on the SDK according to the parameters set by the manufacturers (like focal length, eye distance, inputs etc.) for better experience.

Google Cardboard has gotten surprise popularity among developers as it provides a cheaper way for people to experience virtual reality. Right now, there’s no ecosystem or general set of guidelines for manufacturers to follow and everyone is on its own. With this certification program, Google will start the basis for a strong ecosystem which will help other cardboard manufacturers as well.

Google is already working hard on addressing the abrupt increase in popularity of Google Cardboard by updating its Android and Unity SDKs to provide much better UX to end user. Moreover, Google has also optimized Google Play Store for Cardboard related apps so that it is easier for people to discover apps related to Google Cardboard.

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