Google brings more Live Cases to the Google Store, costs $35

Google started its Live Cases collection back in 2013, but the experience has been anything but exciting since their debut. Little has been said about them, few discounts given, and these Live Cases have been treated as though they’re abandoned stepchildren. The search engine giant is now back with some additional Live Cases to add to its small collection.

Called Live Photos and Live Places, these Live Cases do what their names suggest: they allow you to have something akin to a motion photo on your case as well as your favorite place or real-time location. Not only will your case sport a live motion effect, but you can tailor it to match your on-screen wallpaper on the device. This will allow you to do more customization and sport your photos that matter to you without worrying about apps getting in the way.

The Live Cases are reminiscent of Motorola’s MotoMaker software for the Moto X that allows you to decide between colors, accents, shades, and even build materials (ebony, wood, redwood, oak, etc.) to make your device as personal as they come. Live Cases allow you to do the same thing with your on-screen wallpaper that you can do with MotoMaker regarding Motorola hardware. This is a neat touch, and we’d hope that other manufacturers would implement an idea such as this. Currently, Google’s Live Cases are available for only the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6.

The Live Cases, whether you’re picking up a Live Photos case or a Live Places case, will cost you $35 each. To find out more, go ahead and check out the Google Store to pick up the Live Cases that you are dying to show off. When you’re done, come back and let us know which Live Cases you purchased, who you purchased them for, and how you intend to set up your phone once you get them in your hands.



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