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How to Fix: Steam Deck Not Syncing to Cloud

Steam Deck is a useful tool which is specifically made for handheld PC gaming through the use of thumbsticks and trackpads which make users feel more comfortable. It comes with steam cloud syncing access feature which makes it very convenient for logged-in Steam Deck users. It also allows users to access the full Steam library installed.

Unfortunately, there are some instances when users would encounter errors such as Steam Deck not syncing to cloud. If you are currently encountering this error and do not know what to do, you came to the right place as through this article, you will learn how to fix Steam Deck not syncing to cloud.

Steam Deck Not Syncing to Cloud

There have been reports coming from users that they have been experiencing error with their Steam Cloud syncing feature of their Steam Deck. Users have been mentioning of the issue of synchronization issue.

There are several reasons as to why this error is occurring. One of the possible reasons is due to Steam Cloud Synchronization could be disabled which could trigger of you receiving a message: Steam was unable to sync your files for Steam Input Configs with the Steam Cloud.

Another possible reason could be due to incorrect settings, configurations and user data files. It could also be due to internet connection issues, outdated SteamOS and game version. Furthermore, another reason could also be due to corrupted and missing game files installed on Steam Deck.

How to Fix Steam Deck Not Syncing to Cloud?

Restart Steam Deck

One of the easiest ways to fix your Steam Deck not syncing to cloud is by rebooting your Steam Deck manually. To do this, all you need to do is to follow steps below.

  • Press Steam button
  • Select Power
  • Select Restart

If your Steam Deck is on and yet it is unresponsive, just force restart it by pressing long the power button. If it is still unresponsive, it is possible that you may be experiencing some software-related issue. Hence, try to press the power button longer to restart it.

Check Steam Server Status

You could check the server status of Steam through steamstat.us or DownDetector Steam Status webpage to ensure that there are no maintenance scheduled or any server downtime. If there is a downtime issue, all you need to do is to wait until the downtime is done.

Check for SteamOS Updates

  • Press Steam button
  • Ir a Ajustes
  • Press A button
  • Select System
  • Go to System Update Channel
  • Select particular channel Beta or Preview
  • Select Restart Now
  • Repeat the same steps once again
  • Select Check for Updates
  • Select Apply to initiate system reboot
  • Wait for it to be completed

Check for Specific Game Updates

  • Open Steam Library on game’s library page
  • Select Manage
  • Select Properties
  • Select Updates tab
  • Ensure to select Automatic updates
  • Reboot Steam Deck

Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization

  • Press Steam button
  • Select Steam menu
  • Go to settings
  • Go to the Cloud tab
  • Click on Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization
  • Select Ok to save changes
  • Restart the Steam Deck to apply changes

Retry Cloud Syncing

  • Press the Steam button
  • Select the game that you are having problems with
  • Select out of sync under cloud status option
  • Select Retry Sync button from popup
  • Wait for the process to be completed
  • Ensure that the cloud status would show up to date

Repair the Steam Library Folder

  • Press Steam button
  • Select Steam menu
  • Go to settings
  • Select the downloads tab
  • Select steam library folders button
  • Select the game that you are having problems with
  • Select repair folder from the options menu
  • Ensure that you select Yes
  • Wait for the process to be completed and you are good to go


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use as a guide in fixing Steam Deck Not Syncing to Cloud issue.

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