HTC 10 to feature “the new boom,” a reference to BOOMSound

HTC 10 photos have been making their way across the Web, and, as always, tech enthusiasts attempt to guess what they can expect when devices that pose in said photos arrive to market. With the recent photo leaks, it appears as though there’ll be no BOOMSound, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s top-notch audio sound, for HTC 10 buyers.

And yet, photos don’t always tell the whole story. HTC seems to hint at the presence of BOOMSound, despite the dual front-facing speaker absence, in its latest tweet: “Here comes the new boom. You’ll hear it. #powerof10,” the company posted on March 23rd. In other words, “boom” refers to “BOOMSound,” and with the company saying “you’ll hear it,” it appears as though BOOMSound is given more of a software emphasis in the HTC 10 instead of the usual hardware component of front-facing speakers.

HTC 10 audio BOOMSound

We don’t know why it is the case that BOOMSound moves to a software improvement instead of a hardware component here, except to say that HTC may have other plans for the HTC 10 in terms of design that mandate the company no longer needs them. It could be that greater priority in the HTC 10 will be given to the camera instead, so the company saw no need to add dual front-facing speakers (interesting timing, given that Google and Huawei added front-facing speakers to the Nexus 6P when it was announced just 6 months ago).

HTC has been promoting in small adverts that it’s working “day and night” to give HTC buyers a world-best camera, and now, tells buyers they’ll hear the “boom” with the HTC 10 audio system. It seems as though all these small adverts are meant to remind consumers about HTC, but we’re not sure all this will help improve the situation for the Taiwanese phone maker. After all, Samsung has improved its software experience for many consumers, and the Galaxy S7 edge is the prettiest smartphone on the market — making even the iPhone look a bit on the cheap side these days.

The HTC 10 will be announced on Tuesday, April 19th, but there are few surprises at this point (as is the case with most phones in the industry when they’re about to be revealed). Earlier rumors pointed to an AMOLED panel for the display, but that rumor was also debunked this week when @evleaks posted that HTC will opt for a Super LCD 5 panel instead, which should prove to be crystal clear in terms of the viewing experience. As we’ve stated before, don’t expect a Windows Phone HTC 10 (it isn’t coming), so you’ll have to either take the HTC 10 or leave it as is — in the wonderful world of Android.


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