HTC One M9, A9 on sale for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, May 8th, and along with the day comes sales — as is the case to be expected. The HTC One M9 is now a year old, with Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC having unveiled the HTC 10 (not One M10, just HTC 10) recently. And yet, the phone is still current and still has HTC product support, which makes it a good sell.

You may not have approved of the $600 or so price tag of the One M9 when it was released, but you’ll be pleased to know that HTC is having a Mother’s Day sale that discounts the price of the One M9 from the current $649 price tag down to $399. What you need to know, though, is that the One M9 available for purchase in honor of Mother’s Day is the pink One M9 (no other colors are available for this deal). Let’s just say that this deal is one for mothers and women in general. The One M9 has gotten a bad rep in days past, particularly because it was identical to the One M7 and One M8 when it was released, and consumers were hoping for something revolutionary.

There is an additional phone on sale, and it’s the HTC One A9. HTC seems to have hit a home run with the One A9, bringing faster updates and an improved camera (though it wasn’t much improved over the One M9), but it will offer some consumers more of the updates and camera improvements that they’d like to see. The color available for this Mother’s Day deal is Garnet Red, and you can purchase the device for use on Sprint or as an unlocked device which is compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile. The price of the One A9 has been knocked down from $499 to $389, so you’ll save $110.

While the One A9 price deal saves you $110, it doesn’t stack up to the $250 price drop for the HTC One M9 — a phone that is more available and accessible to US customers and will likely end up being the phone that not only HTC pushes, but that people also buy in droves. Of course, it’s only in Deep Garnet Red, no silver, gold, and so on.

The deal is good for now but expires tomorrow on Mother’s Day. HTC hasn’t given us a time frame in which the deal will expire (like tomorrow at midnight, for example), but I wouldn’t wait on the deal. Hurry up and grab that smartphone for the important women in your life. Pink and red HTC smartphones will have great appeal. It’s likely that husbands will get second kisses for buying their wives a little color-customized piece of technology.

HTC One M9, A9 deal for Mother's Day 2016


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