Best Intercom Alternatives

Intercom is one of the most important tools in the business industry. It is used as a live messaging medium where one could chat real time with customers and has features which helps track interaction and purchases. Though this might be a good business investment, it could also be a bit expensive. For those who are in a budget and could not afford such subscription, looking for alternatives could be an option.

Below are few options one could choose from as a substitute for Intercom.

1. is a free messaging platform. It gives access to its users to embed chat widgets on your own website or app. It allows its users to customize widgets, use shortcuts, communicate via mobile, analyze visitors and interact with them. Though this tool is free, if you wish extra features such as hiring agents, add video and voice calls and remove branding, you will have to pay certain fees.

2.’s live chat is simple yet useful. It offers features such as audio, video messaging, GIFs, file attachments, link snippets, chat handover and in-chat games. This platform comes with free subscription and also has a paid subscription.

For paid subscription, this platform offers analytics, 4 agents, unlimited chat history, location map, integration with social media such as Facebook Messenger and automatic triggers. Paid subscription also offers real time video calls, magic browse and allow the agents to track customers.

3. Freshchat

This Freshchat’s offered features makes this site included in this list as it offers unlimited contacts, 30-day chat history and other functions for free for thirty days. If you wish to continue you may do so but you will need to pay for a subscription. If you wish to employ agents, you will also have to pay additional $15 per agent. You will also be able to access user properties, email campaigns, UI service, and other engagement tools.

4. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch also offers omni-channel, chats and unlimited contacts. It also allows its users to use chat widgets like Intercom’s. It also allows multi-channel messaging and collates all messages. These collated messages could be used for information gathering such as personal, behavioral data information. It also keeps chat history and provides insight or analyzation.


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, will be your best bet. Aside from the same features of Intercom which they also have and offer, they made an extra mile by integrating more features such as agent ratings, sneak peaks and chat routing. is easy to use and is perfect for beginners. It also allows its users to customize or use its ready to use chat widget. This site is compatible with any desktop and mobile phones.

6. LiveAgent

For users looking for high quality CRM service, this site is best for you. It offers live chat, ticket management, customer support and social messages. For communication, this site’s chatting widget will do its searches and then it will connect you to a representative for a two-way communication.

LiveAgent offers 14-day trial period after which you will have to subscribe to a paid subscription.

7. UseResponse

UserResponse ensures that it is packed with basic features and has a CRM messaging platform. It also offers single sign-on, analytics, email automation and setting up of campaigns. It also provides its users support through help desk, feedback and knowledge base.

This alternative gives 14-day free trial period and would cost about $15 per agent.

8. ZenDesk Chat

The ZenDesk Chat offers its users pre-chat forms, offline lead generation forms, chat badges and visitors list. It also provides chatbots which will take conversations from agents, access history messages and link profiles. Lastly, it also ensures that it has features such as automated message triggers, chat routing, real time monitoring, agent reports and tracking of leads. If you are looking for a cross platform multiple feature support, this alternative is for you.

9. Drift

Drift is the closest alternative that has numerous similarities with Intercom. Drift has an AI virtual assistant which helps in live conversations and helps personalize messages. It offers profile integration, email fallback and scheduled hours but it would cost around $50.00 per agent.

10. Olark

If you are into not only aesthetics but also performance, Olark would definitely suit you. It has embeddable chat widget, real time reporting, searchable transcripts, integration of other tools such as Google Analytics and the like and automated replies.

Its chat widget is customizable and provides a number of options such as background light and shape.

11. Kayako

Kayako offers an advanced solution to provide personalized, top quality customer service and it is trusted by well-known brands such as Peugeot, General Electric, Toshiba and MTV. Kayako’s help desk software gives you access to a comprehensive set of features that allow your business to support your customers with the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. The software can be implemented quickly and it can be easily adapted to the size and requirements of your company. Kayako lets you offer customer service through different channels including email, live chat and social media. The superb functionality and ease of use that Kayako offer, make it one of the best options to ensure that your customers’ queries are attended, keeping them happy and engaged with your business.


Skype Web and Messengerify:

Though CRM platforms such as mentioned above will allow you to get leads and support your visitors or clients, there is another way or alternative for one to be able to give support to your clients and one way is through Skype and Messenger.

Skype – allows you to have a skype chat widget on your platform and offers, allows free interaction with visitor. It also offers chat, text messages, file attachments and stickers and lastly it also allows its users to communicate with their clients through voice or video calls.

Messengerify– If you are uncomfortable with skype, why not try Facebook Messenger? This platform provides messaging interface into Facebook which allows on and off site chat. If you wish to customize and put in some branding or change the branding of the chat interface, you will have to pay about a fee of $29.00.


Intercom will always be the first option when it comes to live chat messenger. Entrepreneurs would definitely consider getting it as an investment since it also generates reports, data and provide support to clients. However, Intercom could also be very expensive to some entrepreneurs and finding other options and alternatives seem to be very practical way to save specially if the alternatives could perform as a substitute. The above list includes alternatives which one could use in case Intercom would be too much expensive. We hope this article helps.

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