iPhone 7 will not have dual-lens camera setup

The dual-lens camera setup is becoming one of the hottest tech trends this year, with one back camera being used for micro shots up-close while the other is used for macro shots at a distance — and Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been rumored to have this feature for some weeks on end now. Most smartphone cameras have had micro back cameras for immediate details, but as we’ve seen with the LG G5 and its dual-lens camera setup on the back cover, the extra camera can be used for macro shots at a distance that are good enough to replace the typical “panorama modes” on smartphone cameras that require scenes to be somewhat awkwardly “stitched” together to create the multi-megapixel scene. The difference between panorama mode and a second “macro” back camera is that the second macro camera provides an all-around shot at a distance that shows the context of an up-close photo.

The iPhone 7 Plus was where the dual-lens camera setup was first rumored, and it was expected that Apple would only bring the technology to its highest-end iPhone. Now, though, a new report from a Foxconn insider says that Apple has had to scrap plans for the dual-lens camera setup this year due to immature technology. This Foxconn insider represents the company (Foxconn) that has been manufacturing iPhones for Apple for years, so we would suggest you take this rumor very seriously.

By “immature tech,” it’s meant that Apple has faced some technical difficulties with producing the dual-lens camera setup, and it’s not uncommon for companies to have an uphill battle when they choose to implement technology on their own. Samsung has had camera difficulties since the Galaxy S5, with the Korean giant having to replace Galaxy S5 models that contained the “fatal camera” flaw. Though the company has debuted its camera technology on other phones, it decided to, for the most part, go with Sony camera chips in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge this year. Apple has been relying on Sony camera sensors but purchased a camera chip company last year shortly before the iPhone 6s announcement, but apparently, Cupertino’s technology has hit a bit of a snag (with the camera at least).

There’s an unfortunate realization in all of this: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were to have Apple’s rumored dual-lens camera setup as the greatest new feature of these new devices — which means that the shine on both devices is now tarnished. Boys and girls, get ready for another dull year of the iPhone, if this rumor holds true. We prefer you err on the side of disappointment, not on the side of expectation.



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