Revisión de la batería de reserva iWalk Extreme Trio 6000

The advancements in technology also took a toll on our smartphones, and one common problem is the fast-draining batteries compared to our old phones’ batteries that seemed to last until forever (remember how long your Nokia 5110 lasted).

Not only our smartphones, but also the devices or gadgets that are battery operated are affected by this problem. Because of this problem, we sometimes miss an important call or respond to an important email.

Some people choose to prevent this problem by using car chargers, portable batteries or battery cases, but having all those products can be such a hassle. Thankfully, there is a new way to be powerful, pun intended, and say goodbye to empty batteries.

Introducing, the iWalk Extreme Trio 6000 backup battery which is designed to charge up to three devices all at the same time.


The stylish and handy iWalk Extreme Trio weighs 140g with 4.9 x 2.8 x 0.5 inch pocket-sized dimensions.

The iWalk Extreme Trio 6000 has an integrated Micro-USB cable, an integrated Lightning Cable, and a traditional USB port. What does “integrated” mean? It means that a cable is already clipped into the sides of the charger. Be careful in not damaging the cables, though.

Ventajas y desventajas

The main advantages of the iWalk Extreme Trio 6000 Battery are the following:

  • Charges up to three devices simultaneously
  • Has a nice touch LCD screen.
  • Has integrated cables.
  • Nice portable design

The main disadvantage of the iWalk Extreme Trio 6000 Battery is the tendency of the clips to get damaged if not clipped properly.

One plus is the 6000mAh battery has the ability to charge more than one device simultaneously. However, the potential maximum charge will be reduced for each device. It can impressively charge fully a Samsung Galaxy a 150% and an iPhone 5S for more than 200%.

To know how much remaining power the Trio has, there is a LCD screen that shows it and also the current output levels.

Tests show that the internal battery of Trio can be fully charged after 4 hours using the micro-USB port. Also, in testing its power in a 30% charged iPhone 5s, it went fully charged after 1hour and 35 minutes.


With its current market price of £50, the iWalk Trio is worth the money because of its multiple-battery management feature. But, it’s not just multiple-charging system that makes it interesting; it is also tidy, smart and modern.



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