LG creates bulletin to address vulnerabilities

LG has been one known for having some significant update pushes with its last few devices, as the company seeks to gain some significant traction in the high-end smartphone segment with consumers, but the company has been behind when it comes to something as simple as a security bulletin. The company has said it wants to devote 2016 to marketing its own smartphones, but the company’s latest creation shows that LG is serious about “patching up the holes” (literal and figurative) with the creation of an LG Security Bulletin.

The Korean manufacturer now has a way to showcase all software vulnerabilities present in its software, as well as the ones it squashes with each new Android update, alerting customers as to the problems with their handset. A security bulletin will definitely give some insight into what the company is dealing with on its devices; after all, the famous boot loop problem with the G4 and to some extent, the V10, had to come from something. It didn’t just arise out of nowhere.

Fellow Korean rival Samsung, and Android owner Google, already have their own security bulletins, but LG now joins the ranks of companies that are on the move and at the top of their game. There’s more to a great handset than patching up software holes and fixing software bugs, though, so LG will have to do more than this to stand out of the Android crowd of OEMs. Still, it’s a respectable move for LG, and one that we can certainly applaud if it does nothing more than put the minds of its consumers at ease. Some individuals won’t care either way about security issues, some care, and others care but know that the new LG Security Bulletin will only show what vulnerabilities have been discovered; new vulnerabilities are created everyday, many of them existing in Android handsets for years before they’re ever discovered or tackled.

For the curious, you can check out the new security bulletin at the source below.


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