Nokia preparing to enter wearables space, press statement reveals

Remember Nokia? The company that once made cell phones and even smartphones with impressive cameras? That’s the Nokia we’re talking about. Well, Nokia lost its mobile division to Microsoft some months ago, with Microsoft buying out its camera division before laying most of the division off, and the Finnish manufacturer has been out of the smartphone business due to the buyout for some time. Nokia has said that it wants to re-enter the mobile space, and has already made a tablet (Nokia X1, running Android), even while hinting that it intends to return to smartphone manufacturing.

Well, now, Nokia has boldly proclaimed in a statement about the company’s Articles of Association that it intends to enter the wearables space – indicating its persistent intention to return to the mobile space as a whole. In the company’s press release about its own meeting, Nokia mentioned that Article 2 should be amended to include a statement about “the internet of things, human health and well-being, multi-media…mobile devices and consumer wearables and other electronics,” meaning that Nokia intends to pursue current mobile trends. Consumer wearables such as smartwatches, smart fitness bands, and smart activity trackers are starting to pick up some steam in the economy, so this is not an old document Nokia dug out of the basement from its Lumia days.

Now, Nokia has pursued mobile phones in the past, but this amendment to its Articles shows a current desire to re-enter the space it left after its mobile division was acquired by Microsoft. It’s likely that Nokia will have to rename its future smartphone line, seeing that Microsoft has now acquired the “Lumia” brand legally. With that said, though, more than mobile phones, we’re excited to see what smartwatches and smart fitness bands Nokia could have in mind down the line. A recent document showed a Nokia smartwatch that was headed to production before Microsoft purchased Nokia and squashed the project.


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