Best Notification Apps for Android

Android offers many convenient features, including Push notifications, which is an intuitive solution that allows users to manage what happens with their devices in an easier way. The Android operating system continues evolving and while initially, there were only basic functionalities available with the notification system, nowadays, there are advanced options that have improved the user experience. The notification pane has been revamped over the years and it is possible to find new features in every new version of the OS. While the default customization option offers some benefits, its main downside is the fact that it is not possible to customize it. Thankfully, there are alternative solutions that will allow you to get a more personalized experience. Here are the best apps that you can use to replace the default notification app on your Android device.

Heads-up Notifications

Simen.codes brings us an app that is ideal for Android devices running older versions of the operating system. Remember that Google introduced the heads-up notification feature to Android Lollipop. HUN is a lightweight app that gives you the chance to take advantage of the heads-up notification function, on any device. After you activate the app and enable a few permissions for it, HUN will show you the latest notifications from apps. They appear like a floating popup window. The app has a settings window that allows you to disable notifications for any app, activate or deactivate the don’t disturb option, display time, remove notification on swipe, set notification priority and more. Heads-up Notifications features support for more than 18 languages.

Notification Toggle

J4velin offers a smart app that can bring new life to the notification bar that you already have on your device. Instead of replacing the Android notification center, Notification Toggle, allows you to get additional options and to ensure that you get more intuitive solution. Once you run the app, you can place your finger on the screen and swipe right. After that, you will find a variety of checkboxes that let you select Android services such as the ones listed below:

  • Bluetooth (Settings, tethering, visibility control)
  • WiFi (Advanced settings, tethering)
  • Flight Mode
  • Mobile Data
  • Sync now
  • Data connection settings
  • Sound mode
  • Radio info settings
  • Brightness control
  • GPS, data usage, lock now, reboot

You just need to choose the services that you want to see on the notification window of your mobile device. You will see the services as a toggle button. The NT app lets users add a black or white divider between two toggles. You can add bookmarks or shortcuts to your favorite apps in the notification panel. With Notification toggles, you customize the look of the toggles. The app also lets you change the status text that you find below a toggle.

iNoty OS 11

iNoty by Cadetuam, perfectly combines iNoty (lock screen notification of OS 11, control panel, control center, ilauncher) and iControl (Control Panel OS 10 theme phone). iNoty gives you the chance to discover what is like to use OS10. You will be able to control everything and show all iNoty style OS 11 in your Android phone. You can feature new style, smooth, theme phone, smooth, design from ilauncher and more. It delivers an innovative experience. You won’t need to take additional steps to upgrade Notification Bar of your Android phone to OS 11 such as Phone 7. Simply install, iNoty OS 11 and then you will be able to experience OS11 on your Android device. iNoty lets you enable or disable access to admin permission of system Android. You can change the background of iNoty panel. You can also custom color status bar and show status bar style iOS 10. You can see menu iPhone settings, carrier’s signal strength and battery status. iNoty also features Smart Control-Control panel with a lot of options to customize and manage your device.


This is a highly smart notification app that allows Android users to get notifications in the way they prefer. It is possible to configure the app so that it displays notifications, only when the phone’s battery is being charged. AcDisplay gives you the chance to avoid seeing full notifications that may have sensitive information like bank transaction details, OTP or personal messages on WhatsApp. You can set active hours and it offers the possibility to display media widget when you are enjoying music. There are also controls in the widget that allow you to change, pause, or stop the current track. It is possible to set corner gestures and there is an active mode feature with options that allow you to wake the display when you shake the device, disable the app on low battery, during the inactive period. In addition, AcDisplay supports emoticon and allows you to change the icon size. There are many options available that make AcDisplay one of the best notification options for Android.

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