Piiki Receipt Scanner & Expenses Report

Apple’s devices are designed to support a wide variety of options and their advanced technology, combined with an impressive selection of apps, will allow you to complete practically any task in a simple and effective way. For instance, keeping track of expenses can be a hassle but if you have an iPhone or an iPad, plus a good receipt scanner app, everything changes. Piikki is a practical receipt scanning tool that allows you to take advantage of the high quality of your iOS device’s camera. Here is what this app created by Haave Oy can do for you.


If you are looking for a simple, yet comprehensive option to keep track of expenses, you should consider downloading Piikki. The app includes a great set of features and its powerful performance ensures that you can scan your receipts easily to manage your expenses without hassle. You can turn your receipts into digital form at any time to make sure that you don’t miss details of what you spent. The camera auto-shoot function means that you only need to point the camera to a receipt to get it scanned.

The app enables you to keep track and organize receipts easily with the Categorization and Tagging functionality. You can even create your own categories according to your needs. The scanned receipts can be uploaded to the cloud to save the data or to share it when needed. The fact that Piikki offers support for Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox will make things easier when you need to share your receipts with someone else (like your accountant) because they will be able to access them on the cloud. It is also possible to send receipts via email and there is a template that can be pre-configured so that you can send them faster.

The receipts can be imported from Camera Roll or in PDF format from other apps like Mail. Piikki supports some HP flatbed scanners as well. To make sure that you can easily identify a receipt, it is possible to add metadata like date & time, title, geodata, category and tags. In order to keep your expenses private, Piikki offers password protection to prevent unauthorized access.

Piikki also includes Geotagging to help you to search and find receipts based on the location in which they were photographed. If you want to get an overview of your expenses, you can check the graphs that the app generates based on your spending. These graphs can also be shared and are a handy and simple way to see how much are you spending.

There are three different themes available so you don’y need to stick to the default black theme if it is not your preferred option. Piikki also allows you to print out receipts via WiFi with a printer that supports AirPrint. This means that you can keep receipts archived in hard copies if needed. In any case, Piikki supports backup and restore functions that will ensure that you never lose your receipts.


Piikki is compatible with iPhone and iPad and runs natively on both so you can experience the best experience on any device. It is an app that allows you to manage your receipts without complications and all the features included will make things simple for anyone keeping track of expenses. You can download it from the App Store for $3.99.

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